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Shoe storage ideas

Shoe storage ideas

Shoes can make an outfit go from casual (sneakers, rubber boots) to smart, or even dressy (high heels, leather shoes), so it’s only natural to want to have lots of pairs to suit every occasion. Besides, it is fun to shop, and feels good to have something to admire in your closet! For us, you can never have too many shoes. The only slight problem is that at some point you run out of storage! However, if you’re nearing the point of your shoe closet or shelf being completely full, you might need to start getting creative. Let’s take a look at lots of different scenarios for shoe storage ideas—we hope you find something that works for you here! 

Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Whether you’re in a studio or just strapped for space in your bedroom, there are tons of creative shoe storage ideas for small spaces. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Slim shoe closets: This one may seem a little obvious, but a great shoe storage idea is the classic shoe cabinet. Using a slim side table with shoe storage is both multifunctional and space saving. Cabinets that are specially designed for shoes can provide extra space for that pair of kicks that you just couldn’t resist.
  • Your shoes don’t need to stay on the ground! Using vertical storage, such as storage ladders, can be a great way to maximize limited storage space and keep as much floor space open as possible. A shoe ladder is a great way to display your shoes and store them at the same time.
  • If you sometimes have people or your partner stay at your home, but you’re sometimes on your own too, think about getting expandable shoe storage, such as an expanding shelf. This means you can scale up the storage for when there are more people staying, but you don’t have to compromise that space permanently.  
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Shoe storage ideas for the bedroom

If you keep your shoes in your bedroom, you might want to find some storage for them separate from your closet—if you’re like us, that closet is already pretty full! So, for shoe storage ideas for your bedroom, think about whether the following shoe storage solutions would work for you:

  • Use stylish storage. Having a nice bedroom interior doesn’t have to be compromised by “functional” furniture. Using woven or fabric baskets is a stylish way to store things, keeping them organized and together while not compromising on your color scheme. 
  • Shoe storage ideas under the bed: If you have space under your bed, you can put your shoes under your bed so they’re kept out of sight but close at hand for when you’re getting ready for work or a night out. Plus, if they’re easy to reach, you can try on a few pairs for your outfit without having to go up and down the stairs all the time!
  • If you don’t have space in your closet but do want to keep your shoes in there, you can invest in a shoe storage organizer that hangs over the back of the door—just slip one of these over your closet door or bedroom door and you’ve got extra space!

Shoe storage ideas for the mudroom

If you’ve got a mudroom at home that needs to be organized (or just saved from the mountains of rain boots!), then some well-placed shoe storage will go a mile. Here are some shoe storage ideas for mudrooms:

  • Storage benches. Being able to kick off hiking boots or rubber boots while seated after a good couple of hours outdoors will always be welcome, and it makes putting your shoes on easier. Plus, being given the option to sit down right away might stop people from traipsing through the rest of the house with shoes still on looking for a place to sit down! Psst, if you need to know how to clean your shoes , we have the answer!
  • Boot storage racks. These racks are great for storing rain boots upside down, meaning you can be sure no creepy-crawlies will be lurking in them the next time you get them out!
  • Semi-open storage. Outdoor shoes can be bulky, so it can be helpful to have a closet or a bench that has some closed storage with doors, but is also easy to access.

Shoe storage ideas for closets

If you have built-in storage in your home, or simply want to maximize the use of your closet space at home, then we have some great shoe storage ideas and hacks for you!

  • Use hanging shelves in a closet that doesn’t have compartmentalized storage. By using hanging shelves, you can create vertical compartments for your shoes, but not take up a lot of space 
  • Get hanging shoe storage such as a flip-flop organizer for your summer shoes. This keeps them clean and safe during the colder months.
  • If you already have storage 

Shoe storage ideas for entryways and at the front door

If you’re looking for shoe storage solutions for the first few square feet of your home, we’ve got some entryway and front door storage ideas for you, too:

  • Having a shoe cabinet by the front door is a great way to create a surface for keys or a flower vase, which is both practical and beautiful. Under this surface you can store your shoes, so it’s a win-win situation!
  • We’ve mentioned this one before—but it’s a true jack of all trades—use stackable shelves. They’re often quite slim and don’t make too much of a statement, meaning they blend into the background. Perfect for what is usually a cluttered space!

We hope these shoe storage ideas have sparked some inspiration for you—for more tips and tricks, head to the organizing section of our website.