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6 tips to enjoy your balcony or terrace year-round

tips to enjoy your balcony or terrace year-round

Winter may be coming, but there’s no reason to pack away the outdoor furniture just yet. With a little bit of prep, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round! Here are six tips to help you make the most of your balcony, patio, or terrace all winter long. 

All-weather cover

Balconies and terraces provide a welcomed change in environment, especially when we spend more time at home in the winter. But they sure get chilly! Keep it cozy by choosing a suitable cover for your outdoor space and budget. From a professionally installed retractable awning  to simple bamboo blinds. Even hanging a curtain can instantly add a little romantic style while keeping the heat in. 

Turn up the heat

While sipping a cup of cocoa warms from the inside, take the chill off by adding a heat source to your decor. Think outdoor heater, camping stove, or even a hot tub! Doubling as your personal spa, it oozes luxury.

Mood lighting

Make the most of long winter nights with ambient lighting. String up fairy lights, decorate with candlesor use battery-powered LED lights, If you go for electrical lighting, make sure it’s safe for outdoor use — you may also need some extra wiring done by a professional. 

Enjoy your balcony all year round. A cozy balcony with a blanket and hot tea.

Weatherproof furniture

Furniture that can cope with the heat, rain, and frost is what you need to enjoy your balcony or terrace year-round. Look for furniture made from weather-resistant wood like teak and metals like aluminum or wrought iron. Oh, and weatherproof cushions make maintaining your outdoor space during the winter a cinch! 

Cozy furnishings

Outdoor living spaces are like extensions of our home. Keep your style flowing outdoors by adding cozy finishing touches like outdoor rugs, chunky throws, and faux fur. It’ll keep those tushies toasty!

Evergreen plants

When things look a little drab and grey, there’s only one thing for it: plants! Spruce up your balcony with some potted or climbing evergreens so that it’s bloomin’ nice, even in winter. If, like us, you can’t tell a conifer from a Ceanothus, use our handy guide to evergreens to deck out your balcony or terrace. 

There you have it! A winter-proof outdoor space for all occasions. 

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