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How often should you wash your towels?

woman wearing a grey jacket holding 4 fresh grey and white towels

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Washing towels is an important part of laundry, but how often should you actually wash towels? After every use? Only when they look dirty? Neither! Towels need regular washing, but don’t actually need to be washed after every use. In this article, we’ll look at why towels need regular washing, how often to wash towels, and some tips and tricks to keep your towels clean between washes, too!

Why should you wash towels regularly?

Many people wouldn’t associate towels with needing regular washing. After all, they get used once your body is clean after showering or bathing, so why would they need to be washed regularly, too? Well, as you towel yourself off after a relaxing bath, your body might be clean, but this doesn’t stop skin cells from transferring onto the fabric of a towel.  So, if you’re wondering how often to wash towels, it is a good idea to wash your towels every 4–7 washes or approximately once a week. This is a good balance between washing your towels often, but not so much that it gets expensive in water and electric bills!

However, if your towel has been used to clean anything dirty, it should be washed right away. That is the same for towels with pet hair on them. Towels that are used during a workout should also be washed right away, as should towels that have a damp smell.

Washing towels: Our top tips and tricks

In order to keep your towels as clean as possible, there are a few things you can do so you can rest assured that your post-shower routine is clean and comfortable.

First, when you do wash your towels, wash them on a hot wash cycle with a good quality detergent like our Intense Fresh® Scent laundry liquid from Persil®. This will help ensure that dirt and other residue are washed off properly.

Avoid overfilling your machine with too many towels or else they may not get properly washed. The detergent in your machine needs to be spread between each towel evenly for best results and, if the machine is too full, this might not happen. Regular washing will help prevent too many towels from building up in your laundry basket.

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