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5 Household Items You Can Upcycle

5 Household Items You Can Upcycle

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Spring cleaning is a great seasonal signal that helps spark the motivation needed to clear out household clutter. While your bags might be full of items to toss or keep, upcycling could help you turn your would-be-trash into renewed treasure. With a little elbow grease and imagination, you can give these five household items a new sense of purpose.

  1. Mason Jars: Mason jars are one of our favorite multipurpose items. Whether you bought them for canning or crafting, they can easily be reimagined after a thorough rinse in the dishwasher or by hand. For example, show off seasonal blooms in a mason jar vase. You can keep it simple and use a clean glass jar, or dress it up with some paint and twine for a rustic look. Mason jars also make great vessels for drinks or storage containers for snacks.
  2. Coffee Filters: We don’t recommend that you upcycle a used coffee filter, but if you have a few extra filters taking up space in your cupboard or pantry, you can still put them to good, caffeine-free use. Coffee filters are great as a stacking tool in between fine china or other breakable plates. You can also place them on top of leftovers to avoid microwave splatters or as impromptu snack bowls. They’re also super handy for household cleaning like wiping down windows and mirrors without leaving lint behind.
  3. Paper Sorters: Before breaking the bank on expensive cabinet and pantry organizers, check your office space for unused paper sorters. These one-time office staples have a purpose in the kitchen, too. Flip them on their side for use as a rack for pots and pans, or keep them right-side-up to store lids. 
  4. T-Shirts: It might be tempting to toss old t-shirts into a donate pile, but with just a few quick steps and minimal supplies, you can repurpose your old shirt into a new tote bag perfect for holding small grocery items, books, and other errand essentials.
  5. Wine Box: Have an old wine box or beverage carrier hanging around? Wrap it in decorative paper or keep it simple with butcher paper and place it in your closet to organize your shoes or clutch-style handbags. 

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