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How to cut day-to-day costs and help save the environment

For gardeners and wine lovers – drainage layer made from recycled wine corks

Anyone with a green finger knows how important it is to have a drainage layer in potted plants to protect against waterlogged soil. Clay shards, grit or expanded clay are the usual solutions. But actually, it's easier to use recycled wine corks. This makes the pot lighter and also keeps pests away, because cork doesn’t rot or attract mold.

Recycled product mesh bag in line

Recycling plastic produce mesh bags

The age-old bathroom conundrum – what to do with that last little piece of soap? Too small to shower with – and yet it seems a shame to throw it away. Solution: Place old soap ends in a fruit and vegetable net bag (the kind that oranges and lemons come in) and tie up the ends. Then you’ll have a handy foaming sponge for showering that also has a pleasant exfoliating effect.

You can also use this method to create a scrubbing sponge for kitchen use, ideal for scrubbing off burnt on residue. Don’t use it on ceramic stoves though, as it might scratch the surface.

Upcycling breakfast cereal packaging into a kids' puzzle

Kids love cereal – they taste delicious and the shapes on the packaging are bright and entertaining. Once the box is empty, you and your kids can make a puzzle out of it:

  1. Carefully flatten out the box.
  2. Cut out the desired round or square shape.
  3. Draw wavy horizontal and vertical lines on the back.
  4. Cut out the puzzle pieces along the wavy lines. Your puzzle is now ready.

Team Clean wishes you lots of fun with your upcycling, crafting – and money-saving projects.