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Paper trail – how to reuse old paper

Fliers in the mailbox, newspapers on the porch, magazines in the living area and cardboard packaging in the kitchen. Paper is everywhere. So how can you reduce it and do your part for the environment?

Reduce and recycle

Recycling paper is all very well. But that still takes energy, and a lot of it. The key is reducing your use of it in the first place.

Go digital

Make the most of your computer. Invoices, bills, statement etc. don't always have to be printed. Have them sent to your email instead. If you do have to print, halve your paper use by setting your printer to double-sided printing.

Forget the takeout

Forgotten to buy dinner? Call for a pizza! Falling asleep on the train? Grab a coffee! While these may be convenient solutions for you, the wasteful single-use containers aren’t so convenient for the environment. Invest in a thermos flask or travel mug and take your coffee with you. And next time hunger strikes and you've nothing in the refrigerator, why not visit your local pizzeria in person instead of getting it delivered? Dinner, exercise and protecting the environment, all in one evening!

Paper will never disappear completely. But following these simple tips can reduce your use of it.

Best of luck from Team Clean.

Reuse old paper