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Ditch the aluminum foil with these eco-alternatives

Lining a baking sheet, covering food, keeping hot food warm… most of us use aluminum foil without thinking. For good reason – it’s practical and cheap. But it’s not very good for the environment. Here are a couple alternatives to help you cut back on your use.

Cooking, baking and more

In the kitchen there is a well-known alternative that is also practical and inexpensive: parchment paper. This little switch may be more versatile than you think: retain the freshness and taste of delicate foods such as fish and vegetables in the oven; tie with twine to contain heat and liquids; place it on a cake or pot roast and your dish is protected from scorching heat. Parchment paper can be used as often as you like and helps your budget and the environment. If you want to go full eco and ditch even parchment paper, try using banana leaves to wrap your food in when baking.

Grill without aluminium foil

Covering food without aluminum foil

Family late for dinner? You made too much food and now you have leftovers? Luckily there are plenty of alternatives to covering your food without aluminum foil – lids, preserving jars or screw-top jars can all be used to protect your meals from heat and cold. No lid at hand? Just put a plate upside down over a pot or bowl – protection guaranteed!

On the road

Next time you take sandwiches to work or school, or pack your kids' lunchbox, don't automatically reach for the aluminum foil. A plastic or metal sandwich box will do just as well (after all, it worked for our grandparents' generation). Or if a container takes up too much room, just wrap your sandwiches in parchment paper.

Best wishes,

Team Clean.