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Turn empty bottles into home and backyard decor

Whatever they originally contained – wine, olive oil, jam, beer – old bottles and jars don't have to go straight into the recycling bin. Because the fact is, they can be put to a multitude of practical and attractive uses in the home and in the backyard.

Glass bottles 2.0

Not the creative type? Don't sweat it – all these ideas are easy to do. With very simple tools you can create delightful new things from empty glass bottles. First, clean the bottle and remove any labels. Second, safety first. Always remember to use protective eyewear and gloves to prevent injury.  

Lovely lanterns

Depending on the size of the opening, you could put tea lights into the bottle. If not, remove the bottom of the bottle with a glass cutter. You can buy a glass cutter from a hardware store or craft store for just a few dollars. Always sand sharp edges after cutting. Don't forget to place the bottle with the tea light on a fireproof surface like a stone or ceramic coaster. And remember that the wax could run out and damage the surface on which the bottle is standing.

Creative candlesticks

The size of the bottle opening will determine the size of the candle you can fit into the bottle. Before you put the candle in, fill the bottle with small rocks, sand or even rice to prevent it from falling over. Also make sure that the bottle is sitting on a non-flammable surface. Otherwise, the bottle and its contents could catch fire.

Lovingly made lamps

Whether placed upright or upside down or hung on the wall, large bottles can make beautiful and unique lamps. Important: to avoid the risk of electric shock, turn off the power before connecting your lamp. Eco-friendly on the road?  

Holiday decoration with fairy lights

Why stop at decorating the Christmas tree with brightly colored lights? Make the season merry and bright with fairy light bottles. Put your battery-operated lights in an old wine bottle, press the "on" button and voila, your homemade Christmas decorations are ready to go. After all, what's Christmas without a little twinkle?

Re-using glass bottles wine bottle with lights


One of the most popular ways of reusing an old glass bottle is to use it as a vase. Any size bottle can be used. Just make sure that the flowers are not heavier than the bottle, otherwise there is a risk of the bottle falling over. You could paint the bottle or decorate it with stickers, as desired. Bottles repurposed in this way can be used for home decor or as ornaments for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Storage containers

Run out of Tupperware? Wondering where to put the rice? Large bottles are perfect as storage containers for both dried goods and liquids. Pasta, beans and homemade lemonade – all these can be stored in glass. If the contents look quite similar, don't forget to label them.

You now not only know how to reuse glass bottles and make them look beautiful; you also know how to save yourself a trip to the bottle recycling center.

Team Clean wishes you happy crafting.