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What do you know about separating your trash?

Paper into the paper bin, glass into the glass bin and plastic into the plastic bin. Recycling is easy, right?

Well, you just might be missing a few points for successful recycling. Can bottles with screw caps be recycled? Should your yogurt cups get recycled with the lid? Why are cash register receipts not allowed in paper recycling? Continue reading for answers to all these questions and more.

Waste separation – why sort and recycle at all?

We've all done it – accidentally thrown trash into the wrong recycling bin. But thousands of tons of trash are thrown away every day, so "one-off goof" can make quite a difference. An increasing proportion of trash that should be recycled don’t actually make it. And items that do make it into the recycling bin aren’t always recycled due to improper disposal. So how can we know we're always disposing of our recycling correctly?

Pro Tip: Municipal collection systems may differ so we recommend checking your local waste and recycling guidelines.  

Yogurt cups

You should remove the lid so that the plastic pot can be recycled. The lid is usually made of aluminum foil and confuses the scanner at the recycling center. The scanner can't identify the cups, so they remain unrecycled. Very dark or colored plastics and packaging are also not recognized by the scanner. So, when you're out shopping, it's best to choose light-colored packaging.


Most cash register receipts are coated with plastic. For this reason, they should not be disposed of with recyclables, but with residual waste. The same also applies to paper coated with adhesives, e.g. stickers and Post-It notes.

Bottle tops

"They can be thrown in separately, can't they? After all, they're mostly made of metal or plastic." Sorting plants can separate tops and glass easily. The same goes for wine bottles with corks. So, glass bottles can be thrown away together with the screw-top lid.

In this sense: shards of glass are welcome – by the environment, at least.

 Team Clean.