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How to remove rust stains from tiles

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You have discovered orange-brown rust stains on tiles in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on the tile floor? Fortunately, most tiles are impervious to staining and damage. However, they are not immune to rust stains caused by oxidized metal. In this article we show you how to remove unsightly rust stains on tiles—quickly, easily and effectively!

How do rust stains on tile develop in the first place?

As the saying goes "You snooze, you rust"—well, sort of. It's not great when metal objects in the bathroom or kitchen stand in the same place for a long time and come into contact with water. This can lead to unpleasant rust stains. Unfortunately, they are particularly visible on light-colored tiles. But don't worry: The orange-brown stains are very easy to remove. In this article we explain how to remove rust stains on tiles and make surfaces shiny in no time. Resting is definitely not called for here, because now it's time to get to work on the rust! Grab all the necessary tools and get started right away!

Tools for removing rust stains on tiles

Before starting we’d recommend figuring out what kind of material your tile is made out of. See our information on the special way to clean slate tiles, for example. Once you have checked, you can go ahead! The simplest way to get rid of rust stains on tile is to use a standard surface cleaner, like our Soft Scrub® Multi Surface Gel. Use a rag on wall surfaces such as the bathroom shelf or kitchen backsplash. If the rust is on floor tiles, use a mop to mop the floor. Step by step

  1. Spray the affected area with the surface cleaner and let it work for two minutes.
  2. The rust stain can then be removed easily with a damp cloth or mop.
  3. Now just let it dry and you're done.
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These home remedies can also work against rust stains on tiles

While tiles don't rust, metal objects and furniture feet or rusty heating water that’s leaked out can very well leave rust stains behind. If you want to remove these unsightly rust stains, your first choice should be a household surface cleaner such as our Soft Scrub® with OXI, which is ideal for removing tough stains from surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen. You can also use a special rust cleaner. Since tiles are relatively easy to scrub down, unlike cleaning carpets or wood flooring , you can't do much wrong when cleaning them. Sources claim that various household remedies are also suitable for removing rust stains on tile:

  1. The acid in vinegar, vinegar essence and citric acid will dissolve rust stains. For stubborn stains, simply let it work in for a while.
  2. For smaller rust stains on tiles, a dirt eraser can help. Moisten it with water before use and wipe or dab it over the rust stain.
  3. Baking soda can also be used to remove rust stains from tiles—or at least lighten them.

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