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Creative game ideas for the whole family

Creative game ideas for the whole family

Need new ideas for family game night? Maybe you’re just looking for new ideas to keep the kids entertained. Either way, if board games have got you feeling…well, bored, try these creative family-friendly games instead!

These out-of-the-box games will have the whole family laughing and working together. And as they are DIY, they won’t really cost you a thing! They will, however, provide priceless family bonding and lots of entertainment.

Creative DIY games for all ages  

Hallway Laser Maze

All you need is some painter’s tape (or masking tape) and a ball of yarn. Stick the yarn to the wall at different points and various heights to create a maze. Then, each family member has to try and get through it without touching the yarn! Extra? Play some fun music while you’re doing it. 

Would You Rather?

Loved by kids and grown-ups alike, this classic game can be played with elementary school-aged kids and older. Trust us, they’ll love coming up with funny and, most likely, gross questions. Guaranteed at least one person will incorporate boogers (or worse…).

Scavenger Hunt

You can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt! You can make it themed or not—we love a festive scavenger hunt over the holidays—and tailor it to any age. Picture clues are ideal for toddlers, whereas teenagers may prefer riddles. And although it requires some planning in advance, it’s worth it. 

Minute To Win It

With a bit of creativity and some common household objects, you can come up with loads of Minute To Win It games! The idea is to complete a certain task in under a minute. You can score by giving each person a point when they complete a task, and whoever has the most points at the end wins!

Some Minute To Win It game ideas are:

  • Cookie face: Each player has a cookie placed on their forehead, and they have to get it into their mouth using only their facial muscles. No hands!
  • Defying gravity: Each player has to keep three balloons up in the air for a minute.
  • It’s a knockout: Put an orange in an old pair of nylon tights. Put this on your head like a hat. Then half fill some plastic bottles with water and set them up on the floor. Try and knock over as many bottles as possible by swinging the orange! 

Building Blocks Challenge

Got a lot of  building blocks lying around? Put some building tasks like ‘build a car’ or ‘build a spacecraft’ into a hat. Each round, someone draws a card from the hat. Everyone has to build that thing in five minutes. Someone judges each round, but rotate the judge to keep it fair! 

Pass It On

All you need is paper and some pens! Each family member has a sheet of (scrap) paper. You start with everyone drawing a hat on their piece of paper—keep it secret; don’t let anyone else see! Then, fold over the piece of paper. Everyone passes their paper to their left. Next, everyone draws a head on their new paper in secret. Fold, and pass to the left. You continue doing this until you’ve drawn a torso, legs and feet. Then you reveal your crazy characters!

We hope you and your family have a blast with these new game ideas.

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