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Create paper snowflakes with ease

It’s always a beautiful sight whenever snowflakes start falling from the sky, and it also means sledding and snowball fights too! However, if it’s too dark or cold to go outside with your family, how about creating some fun paper snowflakes indoors? You can decorate your home and give the kids a fun activity. 

Guide to making easy snowflakes

Just like real snowflakes, each one you create with paper can be completely different from the last! Once you know how to make DIY snowflakes, you and your family can decorate the home every holiday season and be as creative as you like. All you will need for paper snowflakes is square paper (origami paper works great) and a pair of scissors… that’s it! So, let’s discover how to make some fun snowflakes.

  • Grab your square paper (ensure all the sides are perfectly even before starting) and fold one corner to the opposite corner and crease the paper in order to make a triangle. If you want, you can also use a ruler to ensure the folds are crisp and sharp. It’s better to rest the paper on a table so that you’re folding on a flat surface.
  • Take the left corner and align it with the right-hand side. You should now have paper that looks like a right triangle.
  • The next step in creating a simple snowflake is perhaps the trickiest, so take care with this one. You’ll want to make thirds, so start by grabbing the right corner and folding it towards the middle. Now, take the left side and fold it around the back into the middle. This means you should be holding a wedge with what looks like fox ears poking up.
  • To finish off your paper snowflake, cut off the fox ears so that you’re just holding a wedge. Now comes the part where you can begin cutting random shapes into the wedge. Once you unravel the paper, the cuts will all be symmetrical and you’ll have a little DIY snowflake made from paper!

Like most types of DIY crafts, practice makes perfect – the more you do it, the better you’ll get! The first ones might not look the best, but keep trying and eventually you’ll have an easy snowflake that is worthy of being put up around the home. Want more tips for using paper? How about Christmas gift wrapping or you could even learn some tips for DIY Christmas gifts! Get creative and have fun this holiday season.

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