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  • close-up of a hand holding a piece of clothing label
    How to wash delicates
  • How to clean coffee stains from clothing
    How to remove coffee stains from your clothing
  • How to remove deodorant stains
    How to remove deodorant stains
  • washer and dryer with all stainlifters odor lifter liquid laundry detergent
    Household Items You Can Wash in a Washing Machine
  • How to clean chocolate stains from clothing
    How to remove chocolate stains from your clothing
  • several pairs of jeans hanging outside to get dried
    How to wash jeans properly
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Stains don't have a chance with our Laundry solutions

Ask Team Clean informs you about all possibilities to wash your clothes, remove stains and keep your clothes in good shape. Whether it's keeping your shirts crispy white, or maintaining that fabulous color of your sweater. We have the solutions to all your laundry issues. For all fabrics and every substance.