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Baking at home: essential tools and how to use them

Everything you need to start baking at home

Aprons at the ready — it’s the best season for baking! Although, arguably, when isn’t a good time for home-baked goodies? Whether you want to try baking for the first time or you are a master baker looking to declutter, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have home-baking tools to help you bake your way through winter. We can almost smell the cookies…

12 baking essentials and how to use them

1. Kitchen scales
Baking is an art in precision. While many recipes can be adapted to suit your taste (more chocolate), most require accurate ingredient measurements. Tip: a kitchen scale that can measure both dry and wet ingredients means you only need one!

Used for: measuring out ingredients accurately

2. Wooden spoon
The old faithful. No kitchen is complete without at least one good wooden spoon! It’s sturdy enough to mix very thick doughs. It also doesn’t change the flavor of food or scratch your bowl.

Used for: mixing

3. Measuring spoons
Essential for measurements too small for the kitchen scale. A spoonful of sugar or ½ a teaspoon of baking powder.

Used for: measuring small amounts accurately

4. Silicone spatula
A flexible spatula is the only tool that can get  that last bit of cake mixture out of the bowl and into the cake tin.

Used for: folding ingredients together and scraping

5. Whisk
Inexpensive and essential for any kitchen. A wire whisk works well for eggs and is the best way to mix dry ingredients and add air to a mixture.

Used for: adding air and lightness, whisking

6. Fine-mesh sieve
A baker’s essential for sieving dry ingredients like flour or icing sugar. Also doubles as a helmet for the kids dressing up box.

Used for: getting rid of lumps, dusting

7. Pastry brush
Arguably, your hand can do what a pastry brush can, but indulging in one goes a long way in baking. From glazing pastry to greasing a cake tin, there’s plenty this tool can do.

Used for: ‘painting’ milk on pastry, glazing, greasing

8. Mixing bowl
A big bowl is a must for bringing together baking ingredients. It can also be used as a salad bowl. Win-win.

Used for: mixing

9. Greaseproof or parchment paper
Nothing worse than your hard work sticking to the tin. Parchment paper helps to make cleaning your oven easier and your baked goods turn out better. Consider investing in a reusable silicone baking mat as a more eco-friendly alternative.

Used for: protecting and stops sticking

Everything you need to start baking at home

10. Cooling rack

A wire rack allows air to circulate and cool baked goods evenly. Meaning no soggy bottoms and better taste! 

Used for: cooling baked goods 

11. Baking tray/tin/pan 

Not much baking of any kind can be done without a vessel to bake it in! There’s so much choice on the market, it can be overwhelming. We think the four essentials that cover almost all baking endeavors are: 

  • Baking sheet - a flat tray for cookies
  • Springform cake tin - round tin with removable sides for cakes and tarts
  • Muffin tray - pocketed tray for muffins and cupcakes
  • Loaf tin - rectangular form for sweet and savory bread

Used for: baking in the oven

12. Hand mixer or stand mixer

Ok, this last item isn't strictly essential because any type of mixing can be done by hand. However, investing in an electric mixer can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Unless you are looking for an extra arm-day at the gym, that is!

Used for: quickly mixing up any kind of dough or batter

With these home baking essentials in your cupboards, there isn’t anything you can’t bake — and eat! Remember, there’s no need to be Instagram-perfect with your baking. An overly crumbly cookie or slightly overcooked banana bread will still taste delicious. 

Ready, set, bake!

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