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How to store Christmas ornaments – Tips and tricks

How to Store Christmas Ornaments

When the festivities end, taking down the Christmas decorations can seem like a bit of a chore. If you’ve got delicate baubles and tinsels or garlands that have been passed down from generation to generation, knowing how to safely store these Christmas decorations until next year ensures that you get to enjoy them every December. A dust-free wreath and tree, and tangle-free electric lights can make all the difference when you’re getting ready to decorate the home again. We’ll show you the best tips and tricks to store Christmas ornaments so you can rest assured that they’re ready to be used again next year.

Tip 1: Protect fragile ornaments

Baubles, toppers and lights are what turn a regular tree into a Christmas tree. But they’re usually made from delicate materials like glass, ceramic, or wood. And what about your DIY Christmas decorations and the kids’ craft projects? You’ll want to make sure they’re protected before locking them away for another 11 months. Here are some the best ways to store Christmas ornaments that are a little more fragile:

  • Place baubles in their original containers or put them into sealable bags and then store them in plastic boxes. It’s best to get plastic boxes with lids that seal tightly.
  • If you don’t have original packaging on hand, you could use plastic cups to put your baubles in and seal them with plastic wrap.
  • Similarly, wash and clean any empty cookie tins and cans. They are sturdy storage solutions for fragile ornaments that are easy to find around most households.
  • It’s always a good idea to label your boxes so you know what’s inside. No more lids covering the living room floor in search for ceramic Santa!

Tip 2: Storing an artificial Christmas tree

To make sure that your artificial Christmas tree isn’t covered in dust when you get it back out next year, simply cover it in plastic wrap. You can fold the branches to lie flat against the trunk using ribbons, and then wrap the tree in cellophane.

Tip 3: Tangle-free light storage

It happens every year: the nightmare that is having to untangle the fairy lights when you’re storing your Christmas decorations. You can spare yourself the hassle next year by following this simple trick. The best way to store lights is to wrap them around a flat piece of cardboard before you place them inside a lidded storage box. Alternatively, get a clothes hanger and wrap the lights around. If you have neither to hand, cans and tins are suitable for storing the lights.

And here’s an extra tip: garlands can be just as frustrating because they become easily twisted, so try storing the beads in a plastic container.

Tip 4: Hang your wreaths

Larger ornaments like wreaths are best stored in a wardrobe or a space where they can be hung. You could purchase a clothing rack to line up your wreaths. Alternatively, you can get special storage bags for wreaths made from plastic that will keep them safe until Santa returns.