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Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

Things to do for Valentine’s Day, two people dancing in the snow

From chocolate boxes to roses – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Still got no idea how to celebrate it with your loved one? Buying them a little gift to show them just how much you care is one option. But there are plenty of other creative things you can do to make Valentine’s Day special this year. After all, the love holiday is about spending time with those you care about. We’ve collected some of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day. Take a look and get inspired!

1. Go for a romantic walk on the beach or in the woods

One of the best things to do for Valentine’s Day is taking a walk together. This isn’t just a great way to unwind after a stressful day or week, it’s also a good opportunity to hold hands and talk with your loved one. From walking on a beach to discovering new trails in the nearby forest or park, it makes for a great adventure. No matter the weather, when it’s just the two of you, it’s bound to be a romantic experience. You could even make a day out of it and have a picnic or go camping for a night.  

2. Write a love letter

Granted, it sounds a bit outdated, but writing a thoughtful letter or poem that expresses how you feel about your partner is still one of the most endearing things to do for Valentine’s Day. Go for a handwritten note. You and your partner could even write each other little notes that express how you feel.

3. Organize a treasure hunt

Love to play games? Then a treasure hunt could be the perfect Valentine’s Day activity this year. You could create your own treasure hunting experience by creating a list of things your loved one needs to find. If you want to join in the fun, book a professional treasure hunting experience with an adventure company.

4. Stay in bed and give each other massages

This one is a real treat for busy bees. After a long week, what could be better than spending the day in bed together? You can make a list of movies to watch or songs to listen to. For those tense muscles, get some scented massage oil and give each other a full body massage. Snuggle up!

5. Make a playlist

Speaking of listening to music: how about creating a playlist of love songs for that special someone? If you haven’t been together all that long, it’s also a nice way to introduce them to your favorite tunes. It’s among the most charming things to do for Valentine’s Day.

6. Create a time capsule together

Want to capture some special moments? Make a time capsule together that you fill with photos of one another, little messages, tickets of events you’ve previously attended and other keepsakes. You can open the box again a year later. It’ll be worth the wait!

7. Personalized vouchers

Want to share the love for the rest of the year? In that case, you could create vouchers with offers to do the dishes or give massages or take your partner for dinner. Nothing says “I love you” quite like offering to do the household chores for them.

8. Cook together

If you’re wondering where to go for Valentine’s Day, how about staying at home? Take it easy this year and cook a nice meal together. It’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with the person you love in the comfort of your own four walls. A three-course dinner at home is time and effort well spent. It could even become a little Valentine’s Day tradition. Alternatively, you could cook each other little dishes or baked goodies.