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Plant scallions for a never-ending supply

Planted green onions

Scallions (also known as green onions) are long with a white base that doesn’t fully develop into a bulb (unlike spring onions) and long green stalks that look similar to chives. Both the white and the green parts are used in recipes and can be eaten raw or cooked, producing a sweeter, milder flavor than that of regular onions. It’s customary to cut the white roots off before cooking, but did you know you can actually use these ends to grow new scallions? This means you’ll have a continuous source of recipe ingredients or garnishes, and you’ll never have to throw away any scallions that you forgot about. If you want ideas on how to store all your recipes, we have an article for that! 

How to plant scallions from scraps

Simply follow these step-by-step instructions to grow your scallions. What a great way to upcycle, and show your friends and family that you have a green thumb!

Step 1: Slice off the ends, leaving the roots attached.

Step 2: Place the ends in a jar with the roots facing downward.

Step 3: Pour in an inch of water so that the roots are covered and the top parts are still above water.

Step 4: Set on a windowsill and make sure to keep topping it off with water so that the roots stay moist. The water will begin to evaporate or become cloudy, so bear in mind that you need to change the water every two to three days. After a couple of weeks, you should notice green shoots emerging from the tops of the bulbs.

Step 5: When the shoots are four or five inches long, it’s time to plant your scallions in soil to aid their growth. It’s up to you whether you choose to plant them outside in the garden or inside in a pot.

When they’re around six to eight inches tall, and you want to chop up a few for your salad tonight, then simply snip off what you need. The scallions will continue to grow, leaving you with a constant supply and saving you from running to the store each time you need some. 

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How to plant scallions from seeds

Scallion seeds will germinate in soil that is at least 60°F. Once you’re sure that your soil will remain warm enough for the seeds (whether it’s early spring in your area or in a pot indoors), it’s time to plant:

Step 1: Prepare the area where you want to plant the scallions. Scallions can be planted in either a garden bed or a pot indoors, but they do require at least six hours a day of full sun.

Step 2: Sow the seeds. They don’t require much horizontal growing room so you can plant them quite close together—one to two inches apart is good. Push them around a quarter-of-an-inch deep into the soil.

Step 3: Water the seeds. Scallions will only grow successfully if they’re watered regularly so make sure the soil is always moist.

Step 4: Thin the seeds. When your scallions are one to two inches tall, use shears to thin them so that the scallions are farther apart. This gives them more room to grow and means they don’t have to compete with nearby plants for their nutrients.

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