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Fantastic Christmas craft ideas

If you’re looking to fill your home with incredibly crafty décor this Christmas, then you’re in luck, as we’ve got loads of Christmas handicrafts that will look amazing. There’s something for everyone here to get into the festive spirit. These are all simple and quick to complete in an afternoon to keep the kids entertained!

Check out these craft ideas for Christmas

No matter whether you’re just looking for a fun family activity during the holiday period or even a nice DIY Christmas gift idea, we’re sure you’ll love these Christmas craft ideas and will display them around the house.

  • Christmas light napkin rings – Grab some old light bulbs, paint them festive colors like red, green, or even gold, place some glue on the base of the bulb, and then wrap some colorful twine around the bulb to make it stick. With the remaining twine, loop this around the napkin and tie it up like a shoelace. You’ve got yourself some handicraft for Christmas that’s very cheap and easy to make!
  • Card Christmas tree – One of the simplest craft ideas for Christmas you can find, it’s possible to make a tree from all the Christmas cards you’ve received. Just find a bare wall and arrange the cards in a tier formation so that it resembles a tree. You can also place a bucket with presents at the foot of the card tree and even a paper star on top for good measure!
  • Thread spool wreath – This Christmas craft idea is for the people out there who love sewing! If you have any empty spools, wrap them in a colorful ribbon and then hang them up using string or fishing wire. Complete the wreath by tying it up using a big red bow and attach it to your door for guests to enjoy!
  • Reindeer place cards – If you happen to have some toy plastic reindeers around the house, then you can repurpose them as a Christmas handicraft idea! If not, buy some toy reindeers online or head to your local toy store to pick them up. Grab some gold spray paint and go outside to give the toy reindeers a shiny new coat! Once dry, you can then use the reindeer’s antlers to hold a piece of paper as a place card at the dinner table when guests arrive for the Christmas meal.
  • Twig ornaments – This is a great craft idea for Christmas that simply requires you to gather up some fallen twigs from outside! Use these twigs to create tree ornaments by cutting them down into little pieces (removing any sharp bits too) and using glue to create festive shapes like stars and trees. You can even add some colorful twine to jazz them up a bit, then attach some string with glue onto the top of the ornament and hang them on your Christmas tree.

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