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How to remove carrot stains easily

Lady peeling carrots

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Baby food, soup, hummus dip—you can conjure up so many tasty and healthy snacks with carrots. Unfortunately, the crunchy orange vegetable can leave stains on your outfit if you get too close. Are you wondering how to get rid of these annoying carrot stains? We show you how to do it with little effort!

Unsightly carrot stains on clothes? Here’s how to remove them

Many of us know this scenario all too well—your baby eats puréed carrots and spits half of them out all over the front of their top. Or what about this scenario? You’re spooning your homemade carrot soup into a bowl a bit  haphazardly and end up with orange splashes on your clothes. No need to panic! We show you how to remove carrot stains with simple measures and get clothes clean again. The  stains will be gone faster than the time it takes you to cook the soup!

Pretreat with a store-bought stain remover

The fresher the stain, the easier it will be to remove. This is not just the case for carrot stains, but also bloodstains and red wine stains . The best thing to do is rinse well with cold water first. Carrot stains can be stubborn, so If you want to remove carrot stains be sure to pretreat your laundry before putting it in the machine. Commercially available stain removers such as Persil® ProClean® Stain Fighter Liquid laundry detergent (or appropriate product description) do a very good job when it comes to these orange stains, but before you use the stain remover on colored garments, try it out on an inconspicuous area to see if the fabric is colorfast. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Instead of only treating the area affected by the carrot stains, it is sometimes worthwhile to soak the garment completely and then throw it in the washing machine. Be sure to choose the highest possible wash temperature! The care label will tell you whether your clothes can be machine washed or hand washed only, and what temperature is recommended.

Tried-and-tested home remedies

Sun: It is particularly easy to remove carrot stains when washing white laundry. After washing the garment, dry it in the sun! The stains disappear as if by magic and the clothing item will look like new afterward. When opting for the sunlight method, make sure you lay the still-damp piece of clothing on a clean base—for example, a towel—and then place it in the blazing sun. The stain residues will disappear without you having to do anything else. This method only works outdoors, however, so unfortunately the trick won't work behind a windowpane!

Gall soap: Admittedly, gall soap smells a little strong and is a little more difficult to use than a special stain remover when removing carrot stains, but many sources do recommend giving it a try. Gall soap is available in stores as a bar of soap, liquid or spray. Dampen the stain with a little water, apply gall soap and rub it in. Leave it for at least 30 minutes to work its magic and then put the garment in the washing machine.

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