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Setting the table for Christmas

Setting the table for Christmas dinner

Gifts? Check. Christmas tree? Check. Decorations? Check. Now all you need is to figure out the table setting for Christmas! A beautifully laid out table helps to set the holiday mood and really impresses friends and family joining you for a Christmas meal. To ensure your table setting is talked about for years to come, check out our fantastic ideas right here.

Table setting ideas for Christmas

A festive table setting should impress right away since it’s one of the first things people will see when they enter your home for the Christmas meal! It’s worth spending a bit of time to get your table setting just the way you like it. After all, it’s too late to change anything once guests start arriving! We’ve got some fantastic ideas and can tell you exactly how to set the table for Christmas. Be sure to also check out our tips for food storing in the kitchen so that everything is fresh for the meal.

  • Christmas crackers – No Christmas meal is complete without the crackers! Not just a fun family activity but a great ice-breaker for any guests who don’t know each other well, pulling Christmas crackers helps to kick off festivities and set the mood. Often containing a funny joke, paper crown hat, and a novelty toy or trinket, place a cracker on the plate of every guest.
  • Napkin rings – These useful decorations help to add that small boost of festive spirit to the table setting for Christmas. You can go for any design that is Christmas-related, such as reindeer, Santa Claus, holly, or even something eye-catching like a golden ribbon tied up in a bow.
  • Tablecloth and table runner – Ideally, these two items need to work together to form a beautiful spectacle when you’re setting the table for Christmas. While a plain white tablecloth is always a dependable option, you can also get with the festive mood and choose a red and green plaid design. Pair this with either a golden table runner or perhaps even a eucalyptus garland, and you can’t go wrong with this table setting.
  • Candles, lots of candles – To match the table décor, red and green candles will look stunning as a table setting idea for Christmas. Place as many as possible around the table, but ensure that they aren’t positioned where anyone needs to put their arms to grab food. Don’t place any candles where young children will be sitting, either
  • Earthy elements – A few natural pieces of decoration really add a nice touch to your table setting, such as a wooden placemat or even some pinecones scattered around the table.  Some paper elements also look fantastic when setting the table for Christmas, such as origami trees.
  • Christmas ball ornaments with name tag  – Want to tell your guests where to sit and still have a fun decoration when preparing the table setting for Christmas? Tie a name tag onto a Christmas ball ornament and place it on or near the plate. If you don’t need the ornament, tell guests they can keep them for a nice memento!

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