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All kinds of plexiglass cleaning


Man wearing a clinical mask and gloves whilst cleaning a transparent screen with a cloth

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Before we get onto the cleaning tips, let’s first take a look at what plexiglass actually is. Plexiglass is made of acrylic and is a shatter-proof, lightweight alternative to real glass. Plexiglass is flexible and durable, and scratches easily when being cleaned. Certain cleaning products can even destroy it.

The best way to clean plexiglass starts with understanding how to properly clean plexiglass, making sure that you do not damage the material and that you have clean, clear plexiglass afterward. Knowing how to clean your plexiglass windshields, windows, displays, and shower doors (just to name a few items you may own) helps promote longevity and clarity, allowing the material to maintain its shine and transparency. Frequent cleanings should keep the workload light with materials you'll likely already have around your home or business.

What to use to clean plexiglass?

Plexiglass cleaning works well when you assemble the following items that sources recommend:

  • Acrylic cleaner or spray bottle of water with a small amount of mild dish soap. 
    NOTE! Skip any window cleaning formula containing ammonia, aromatics, or alcohol, acetone, as well as dry-cleaning fluid, or any gritty cleanser or polish.

  • Clean microfiber cloths, or even better use nanofiber cleaning cloths. 
    NOTE! Use a microfiber cloth in order to avoid leaving scratches in your plexiglass panels, which would give harmful bacteria more nooks to hide away in and grow. Microfiber clothes are great at eliminating harmful bacteria, microbes, and spores. If surfaces are visibly dirty, they should be cleaned gently using warm water and dishwashing soap prior to disinfection.

  • A hair blow dryer with a cool setting
    NOTE! Plexiglass does not do well with any heat applied. Keep the temperature on cool or very low.

How to clean a plexiglass window or any plexiglass surface

Step 1: Remove dirt

Begin by removing all dust, lint, and dirt from the plexiglass with the lowest/coolest setting on the hair dryer. NOTE! For extra care, use plastic gloves which is also a good protection when cleaning the plexiglass as you may damage the acrylic with any oils or dirt participles on your hands.

Step 2: Apply cleaner

Thoroughly spray the plexiglass area you are working on first with the cleaner or dish soap and do not leave any areas dry. Once the cleaner is applied, very gently and with a light touch, use your microfiber cloth to go over the entire (long side to side strokes) area you are working on. NOTE! Do not let the cloth touch the dry areas. Move on to all areas of your plexiglass cleaning project and do the same with the gentle wiping. When you are done and the surface is clear, rinse the microfiber cloth with water only.

Step 3: Final rinse

To be extra careful and super clean, go back over the plexiglass surface with the now damp (water only) microfiber towel. NOTE! Remember to use long, gentle strokes: The less pressure, the better.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to clean plexiglass. Don’t forget to check out our other cleaning tips such as how to clean your windows, how to clean granite worktops and how to clean your kitchen cabinets.