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  • person holding sustainable cleaning products in a cream coloured fabric tote bag
    10 ways to clean more sustainably
  • Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter, Garden bench sitting on grass covered in frost and the sunshine
    Get your garden winter-ready
  • Pile of two tyres stacked up on some green grass.
    The many uses for old tyres
  • A pair of mismatched spotty/dotty socks.
    What to do with old socks
  • 7 medium sized potatoes being boiled in a pan.
    The many uses of potato water
  • Glass mug full with tea and a tea bag.
    How to compost tea bags
  • Two burning candles and a reed diffuser on a tray.
    Where does candle wax go
  • Three people holding their feet up against a radiator
    How cold should it be before you put the heating on
  • Can you recycle wrapping paper
    Can you recycle wrapping paper
  • How much water does a dishwasher use
    How much water does a dishwasher use
  • Dad and Son oven
    How to preheat an oven
  • Woman mixing paint
    How to dispose of paint

Ask Team Clean helps you make your home eco-friendly

We are pretty sure that you already have great ideas about how to live eco-friendly. But don't you ask yourself sometimes if you could do more? Ask Team Clean is here for you. We help you, to teach your kids sustainable behaviours, to save energy and much more.