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Got a question about cleaning, organising or washing laundry? Ask away. We’re here to help.

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New in Laundry

  • Clothes drying on the line
    How to dry clothes
  • Washing detergent being measured out into cap above washing machine detergent tray
    How much washing powder to use
  • Couple unloading washing machine together
    How does enzyme washing powder work?

New in Cleaning

  • How to clean a washing machine
    How to clean a washing machine
  • Dishwasher cleaning
    Dishwasher cleaning in four simple steps
  • open oven
    How does a self-cleaning oven Work?

New in Hygiene

  • spa day dry brushing leg
    Create a spa experience at home
  • Lady wearing white marigold gloves and wiping down kitchen countertop with disinfectant spray.
    Rules for top kitchen hygiene
  • Girl sat on her sofa blowing her nose into a tissue.
    How to remove allergens from the home

New in Organising

  • Mother and daughter smiling and looking at wall planner
    House cleaning schedule
  • storage solution for clothes
    Why decluttering is good for your mental health
  • decluttered space inside a small flat
    How to declutter your (small) home

New in DIY

  • Pairs of shoes sat at the bottom of stairs/at entrance of hallway of a family home.
    How to fix squeaky shoes
  • Gloved hand scraping ice and snow off of car windshield.
    How to get ice off a windshield
  • Father helping his son to ride a bike.
    How to teach a kid to ride a bike

New in Eco-friendly

  • A family with two kids hanging out around a kitchen island, surrounded by reusable shopping bags. One child is sitting on the island and placing 2 oranges in front of his eyes.
    Ways To Be Sustainable In Everyday Life
  • A blue hot water bottle wrapped in a mustard-colored blanket.
    Hot Water Bottle Alternatives
  • A smiling young woman opening a bright green fridge with one hand and holding a take-away box in the other hand.
    How Much Power Does a Refrigerator Use