How to make homemade dog toys


A little boy and dog sharing toys and smiling.

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If you have a very boisterous dog, you might find that every toy you buy him is ripped to shreds within the first five minutes. It’s great he’s having fun, but it’s not so great for you and your wallet when you have to constantly buy new toys. Luckily there’s a way around this and it’ll save you money too – simply make homemade dog toys with things you have at home such as tennis balls and old t-shirts! Here’s how to make DIY dog toys.

Please note: Your dog’s safety always comes first so make sure to supervise your dog when playing and regularly inspect the toys for damage, so your pooch doesn’t injure himself.

Bottle wrapped in a t-shirt

This DIY dog toy is especially popular because which dog doesn’t like to make lots of noise? Take an old t-shirt and cut off the bottom inch. Wrap a plastic bottle in the rest of the t-shirt and then use the part that you cut off as a ribbon to wrap around the t-shirt to secure the bottle in place. Alternatively, you can place the bottle in a sock. Dogs will love the crunchy sound this handmade DIY dog toy makes.

Braided t-shirt tug toy

If you have more t-shirts you were planning on throwing out, use them for this easy DIY dog toy instead. Don’t bother washing them first because your dog will love that they smell of you! Simply cut two t-shirts lengthways into strips around two inches wide. Tie off one end and braid the strips. Once the whole thing is braided, simply tie off the bottom and that’s it! You’ll have hours of fun playing tug of war with Rover and it won’t have cost you a penny! To make the DIY dog toy even more exciting, you could cut right through a tennis ball and slip it onto the braid before you tie off the bottom end.

Tennis ball treats

A toy and a treat dispenser in one? Perfect! For this homemade dog toy, get an old tennis ball and cut a slit in the side, then simply pop a few of your pooch’s favourite treats in there. And because the ball retains its shape, the treats won’t fall out. Your doggy will have to work extra hard to get them out by biting the ball just right to open the slit. This is a perfect homemade dog toy to keep them busy.

Peanut butter cardboard toilet paper tube

Perfect if you need a few minutes’ peace! This homemade dog toy simply requires you to spread some peanut butter into a toilet roll tube and then watch how your doggy tries to lick out the delicious treat without squashing the tube flat. If he’s done too soon for your liking, simply freeze the tube and peanut butter for a few hours. This also makes it a perfect snack on a hot summer’s day.

Tights snake toy

Run in your tights? Don’t throw them away – make two homemade dog toys with them instead! Cut off both legs, place a tennis ball in both of them, and simply tie a knot right behind the ball so the rest of the tights is left hanging loose. You can either leave the ends are they are, braid them, or cut them into smaller strips. Why not go wild and add two tennis balls to one leg? The possibilities are endless! Take this toy out with you the next time you’re walking your dog and see how far you can throw it, but just hope Rover brings it back.

We hope you enjoyed trying out the DIY dog toys mentioned in this article. Dogs need stimulation, which is why these homemade dog toys are great to challenge them and relieve boredom. We have lots of interesting articles such as how to easily clean a dog bed, how to remove allergens from home and how to get rid of termites.