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  • Pairs of shoes sat at the bottom of stairs/at entrance of hallway of a family home.
    How to fix squeaky shoes
  • Gloved hand scraping ice and snow off of car windshield.
    How to get ice off a windshield
  • Father helping his son to ride a bike.
    How to teach a kid to ride a bike
  • aerial view of an open makeup drawer
    How to DIY makeup storage
  • A little boy and dog sharing toys and smiling.
    How to make homemade dog toys
  • Man assembling an orange tent outdoors near a lake.
    How to put up a tent
  • Pile of four pink, golden brown and purple cushions.
    How to sew a pillowcase
  • DIY Spring Decorating Ideas
    Spring Decoration DIYs
  • Lady measuring hem of jeans with ruler and marking with fabric chalk
    How to hem jeans
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Ask Team Clean how you can do it yourself.

Whether you want to save money, spruce up your favourite items around the house or teach your kid how to make their own decorations. Refurbishing old furniture and reusing clothing items that have gone out of fashion are a great way to spend your weekends. Ask Team Clean will get you started.