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A guide to oven symbols


oven symbols

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You’re standing in front of a new oven and aren’t sure what all the symbols mean? Don’t worry we’ve been there as well. Our guide will tell you what the various oven symbols mean so your next meal can be cooked to perfection. But, before you get to grips with your new appliance and start cooking, it is best to give your oven a thorough clean if you haven’t got a self-cleaning oven

Oven symbols and their meaning

Here are some of the most common oven symbols that you might come across. We also mention which foods you could cook on the various oven settings. Now, this makes us very excited for a home cooked meal. If you want to know how to preheat an oven correctly we have that topic covered for you also.

Full grill (two zigzag lines)

Get ready to grill with this setting. It heats the upper elements and is perfect for grilling bacon or to make everyone’s favourite: Grilled cheese! You can also select this function for the last stage of cooking to give your food an extra crispy crust.

Grill and fan (one zigzag line and fan symbol)

This setting is great if you want to cook thicker slices of meat as the fan helps to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the oven, making sure you do not burn the outside to a crisp by the time the inside is cooked.

Fan oven (fan symbol in a circle)

This oven symbol is probably the most commonly used setting on an oven. A good option when you want to cook multiple dishes in your oven. Home baked cookies anyone? It’s also ideal for cooking Christmas dinner. Speaking of which, we have an article with some great DIY Christmas decoration inspiration you might be interested in.

Upper and lower heat (two horizontal straight lines)

This oven symbol means that the oven is being heated from the top and bottom, like a traditional oven. This setting is great for baking bread and cake as they tend to rise much better with the heat distributed like this.

Defrost setting (snowflake and water-drop symbol)

This indicates that your oven has a defrost setting. However, the majority of ovens tend to not have this symbol. You are more likely to find it on a counter-top oven or on a microwave. 

We hope this guide was helpful and now that you are an expert on oven symbols and their meaning, you can cook up a storm whichever oven setting you might have to use. For more useful tips and tricks, you can take a look at our cleaning and organising sections on our website.