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  • 3 smiling friends wearing wool sweaters
    How to wash woollen clothes
  • The Best Fabrics to Keep you Warm, pile of folded pastel coloured knitted jumpers
    Best (and worst) fabrics to keep you warm
  • Garment washing label
    How to decipher washing symbols
  • Pair of black suit trousers hanging out of an open washing machine drum
    How to wash suit trousers
  • Man in garage cleaning bike with small cloth.
    How to get bike oil out of clothes
  • White t shirt hanging up on washing line outside
    How to whiten your white clothes that have yellowed
  • Aerial view of a basket of jeans.
    How to remove blood stains from jeans
  • Lady brushing teeth with a blue toothbrush.
    How to remove toothpaste stains
  • Lady holding up a bright pink pair of trousers in dismay.
    How to bleach coloured clothes
  • Person holding a tablespoon of honey.
    Remove honey stains from your clothes
  • Gentleman ironing a deep blue shirt with steam emerging from iron
    How to iron clothes
  • Orange, white and grey t shirts drying outside on a washing line
    How to remove sweat stains
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Mishaps happen to the best of us. Don't let it get the best of you! Red wine on your new carpet, colour run accident on your white blouse, and grass stains on your kid’s jeans do not need to be a disaster anymore. Ask Team Clean is here to help you with even the most difficult stains. So you can sit back and relax, without worrying too much about ruining your fabrics.