Stuffed animal storage ideas


wooden crate with stuffed toys inside

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There’s no denying how attached kids get to their cuddly toys. This doesn’t stop them wanting more though, and before you know it there are cuddly elephants, fuzzy mice, and furry whales strewn all over the house. To help keep these cuddly friends tidied away, we’ve got some ideas to give them a little “home” of their own when they’re not out to play with your kid. Not every one of our stuffed animal storage solutions will suit your space or be appropriate for your child so if you don’t think one of these ideas is safe for your family, try a different option. Let’s get started!

Stuffed animal storage solutions

We’ve divided our suggestions for stuffed animal holder ideas into different sections to try and make sure there’s an idea for everyone here.

Hanging solutions

If you don’t have a lot of floor or under-the-bed options, consider taking the storage up a level – literally. Just make sure your kids understand that the hanging storage isn’t stable enough for them to sit in with their animals. If you think this would pose a safety risk, don’t try this option.

Stuffed animal net

This one is fairly easy and cheap stuffed toy storage idea. Hang up a piece of fabric in a triangle shape in one corner of your kid’s room. Attach the hooks for each corner of the fabric to the wall, with the back corner piece slightly lower than the other two. This will prevent the stuffed animals from falling out. Now you can pile up the stuffed animals easily and keep them off the floor!

Hanging basket

If you’d rather a sturdier stuffed animal holder idea than a net, you can also buy a hanging basket to store your kids’ stuffed animals in. There are lots of cute designs, from wicker and rattan natural materials to plastic and net baskets that come in vibrant colours. Hang the basket from the ceiling and your storage is done!

Stuffed toy storage ideas

This is perfect for using up cupboard and furniture space!

Storage bed

If your kid has lots of space under the bed, or built-in storage under there, you can consider using this space for a stuffed animal storage idea. It might take the monsters away from under the bed if your kid knows that their furry friends are having a sleepover there! Or if there is built-in storage, it’ll be easy to access around bedtime.

Baskets and Boxes

If you’ve got lots of cardboard boxes lying around, you could paint these together with your kids and then use them as storage in your kids’ rooms. This is an affordable hack, and your kids will love having something they made in their own rooms! Fill these storage boxes with stuffed animals and boom! More floor space at last. 

On-Display solutions

This is one of the cute stuffed animal storage ideas and will honour your kids’ emotional attachment to them – put them on display as friends in your kids’ rooms. 

Storage shelving

If your kid doesn’t like the idea of their stuffed animals being away from sight, you can clear some space on the shelves for some of their cuddly toys. This way, the stuffed animals will have pride of place in your kid’s room, but it won’t look messy. A perfect compromise!

Unique Solutions

These are some best stuffed animal storage ideas.


If you’re a dab hand at sewing and sewing a pillowcase is nothing to bat an eye at, you can consider sewing a beanbag case for your kid’s room. Instead of filling it with soft beanbag beans, however, stuff it with the cuddly toys instead! Furniture and storage all in one. If you love changing up your interior design, you can pick different types of fabric for your summer and winter design. We’ve also got guides on the best fabrics for summer and the best fabrics for winter.

Shoe Storage Pockets

If you’ve got a spare shoe storage rack – the ones that hang over the back of doors – you can use this as stuffed animal storage solutions. Simply sling it over the back of your kid’s bedroom or playroom door and fill with stuffed animals or other toys. 

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