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How to wash suit trousers


Pair of black suit trousers hanging out of an open washing machine drum

Suit trousers are a surefire way to add a touch of class to your outfit. Whether you’re going on a date, into work, or even just stretching your legs out of doors, suit trousers can make you feel more uplifted. Some people feel nervous about washing suit trousers, especially if they come with that dreaded “dry clean only” label inside. Wondering if you can wash suit trousers? Or how to wash suit trousers? We’ve got you covered.

Are suit trousers harder to wash?

There is a good reason why people ask themselves “can you wash suit trouser?” more often than something a little more obvious like “can you wash underwear?” – although whether or not you can wash trainers is something people are often surprised by! The reason for this is that suit trousers are often made of fabrics such as wool (read how to wash a wool jumper here!) or cashmere, meaning that their care is a little more complex than when washing polyester or cotton, for example. 

However, whilst a lot of suit trousers will need dry cleaning, some will tolerate a home wash, too. And once you know the routine, you’ll be washing suit trousers like a pro!

How to wash suit trousers

The easiest way to wash suit trousers is similar to most laundry routines – it starts with a washing machine that you can set the temperature for.

  1. Check the label of your trousers again – do they need dry cleaning? If so, it might be a bit risky to try and wash them at home. For suit trousers where you’re good to wash at home, check the temperature allowed for washing.
  2. For fabrics like wool and linen, you’ll want a gentle washing powder. Pick out a special wool detergent at the store.
  3. Set up your machine so that the temperature is really low – a cold wash is best here. Make sure the spin cycle is low, too, and if you like, you can use a laundry bag to protect your suit trousers whilst washing them.
  4. Start your wash cycle and make a cup tea, get back to work, or take a long walk whilst you wait for the washing machine to do its magic.
  5. Once the cycle is over, take out your suit trousers. If there were any stains on them, make sure they’re gone. If not, you might want to check out how to remove that kind of stain – blood stains are different to chocolate, for example. For white fabrics why not try out Dylon Brillian White repair sachets with oxi-stain remover to get rid of any stubborn stains. 
  6. Line-dry your suit trousers. This makes sure that the fabrics don’t get ruined in the dryer and helps prevent wrinkles forming. 
  7. That’s it! Your suit trousers are ready to be worn.
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Extra tips for washing suit trousers

Still feeling a bit hesitant about washing your suit trousers? Here are some extra tips to make sure you feel confident to wash and wear those suit trousers!

  • Spot testing: If you’ve spotted a stain on your favorite pair of suit trousers, don’t feel too disheartened. There are special stain remover products – all you have to do it spot test them in an inconspicuous place first, so as to make sure that the product works with the fabric of your suit trousers.
  • Iron after drying: Suit trousers can be washed, but you might feel that something went wrong after you see them dry. It is probably because they’re not ironed yet. If you iron your suit trousers straight after they’re dry, you’ll see what a world of difference a few wrinkles make!