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How to clean a microfiber sofa


Clean grey fabric 2 seater sofa

Of course, it is best to protect your sofa from stains. But hand on heart, we all have a mishap now and then. We will help you make sure no one notices and show you how to clean your microfiber sofa at home.

Microfiber sofa cleaning: The fabric makes it easier for you

Covers made of microfibers are popular for sofas. There's a reason for that because the fabric is soft, high-quality, and resembles suede. You don't need a slipcover with microfiber because the material is easy to clean. And because the fabric dries quickly, your sofa is clean again in no time and ready for new mishaps.

Not a speck of dust is left behind

Before removing stains, it is best to clean the sofa of superficial dirt and dust. The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner is suitable for this. Vacuum every speck of dust from the seat surfaces and the back and armrests. It is also worth looking under the seat, as crumbs and dust often accumulate there. Especially if you have a light-coloured microfiber couch to clean, regular thoroughness pays off. Dust can make the light-coloured material look dingy. For microfiber sofa cleaning in between or before a spontaneous visit, a lint roller brush is also sufficient.

What to use for microfiber sofa cleaning?

The cushion covers of some sofas can be removed and washed in the washing machine along with a Dylon Colour Catcher laundry sheet to avoid any colour run accidents. Wash them according to the care instructions so that the covers still fit the cushions afterwards. A mild detergent is a great option as it’s dye-free and has plant-based cleaning ingredients. We have an article on how much washing powder to use which might come in handy right now. Choose a setting with a low number of revolutions and no fabric softener for best efficiency. Pull the covers over the cushions while they are still damp so that they retain their shape.

If that's not an option for your couch, we've got some microfiber sofa cleaning tips for you! Before you start cleaning your sofa, check whether one of the following instructions can be found on your sofa: An "S" indicates that only water-free cleaning agents are allowed. A "W" indicates water-based cleaning. If both letters are indicated, then both types of cleaning are also possible. An "X", on the other hand, excludes both options and only allows the vacuum cleaner.

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Gentle cleaning for light stains

If you are not dealing with red wine stains or similar stubborn stains, gentle cleaning methods are usually sufficient:

  • Warm water: In many cases, light stains can be removed with warm water. Warm, distilled water is even better. This prevents limescale residues. For greasy stains, a dash of washing-up liquid or mild neutral soap will help. Finally, dry the sofa with a cotton cloth and it's ready for cosy evenings at home again.
  • Baby wipes: Baby wipes are an insider tip for gentle cleaning. You can use them to wipe off stains on the sofa without using bleach. By the way: Even white shoes can be easily freed from stains with a few baby wipes.

The secret weapon for stubborn stains

According to online sources, there's a real secret tip for cleaning a microfiber couch in almost every cleaning cupboard: Glass cleaner. Worried that window cleaner will leave visible residue? We know! Just try it on an area of the couch that you can’t see. Stains have a habit of being extra visible. Just spray it on the affected area, let it sit for a while and wipe it with a damp sponge. Work your way into the middle of the stain. A brush can be used for more severe stains. Finally, dry the sofa with a clean cloth.

The basics: How to clean my microfiber sofa

It doesn't matter whether you have light or stubborn stains: We have collected a few general tips to help make microfiber sofa cleaning extra easy:

  • Water! It doesn't always have to be distilled water. You can also avoid limescale residues with boiled water. In any case, the following applies to water: As much as necessary, as little as possible. When you have finished cleaning, excess moisture can easily be absorbed with a dry cloth.
  • Clean good and proper: Tips for avoiding water stains include cleaning between the seams of the sofa and wiping gently against the grain of the microfiber material.
  • The clock’s ticking: Stain removal is easier if you treat them as soon as they happen. Are you expecting guests and don't want to clean under prying eyes? You can cover your couch with a blanket for this occasion and simply throw it in the washing machine after the party with Dylon Brilliant White Repair for that extra bit of stain removal.
  • Better still: Even if the steam cleaner guarantees extra cleanliness, it's better not to clean your microfiber sofa with it. The pressure may damage the material and leave stains. Steam cleaning is best left to fabric couches instead. Cleaning agents and upholstery foam with bleaching agents or solvents can also attack the microfibers so steer clear.

Ask Team Clean wishes you the best of luck and we hope you have gained some useful tips on how to clean your microfiber sofa at home. If you've been indulging in some snacks and need to know how to remove oil stains from clothes, then we have some tips!