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How to DIY makeup storage


aerial view of an open makeup drawer

Ready to get creative? Great! You can design and make a custom area in your bathroom or bedroom for all your make-up. This makes it so much easier to organise, store, and display. The best part about it is that it will not cost a fortune if you repurpose things, you already have around the house or can pick up very inexpensively.

Once you get organised, you will be able to locate where your all your “magic tools” are (AKA makeup) and never be late for a date or meeting. Let’s have some fun and create DIY makeup storage and special DIY makeup holder in your room!

First sort out “makeup zones”

Sort everything into hair, makeup, and nails, and decide where you want to place each group of items – on the counter, the wall, on the back of the door, or in a cabinet? Start with a simple plan to know where you want things – do not worry if you don’t get it right the first time because you can always change it! 

DIY makeup organiser ideas

OK let’s drill down to the details - plan to create a DIY makeup brush holder, plenty of DIY makeup organiser, a DIY makeup holder, and a DIY makeup palette organiser! Here are some ideas to get started.

  1. A DIY makeup brush holder can easily be made with clean glass candle jars, with bath salts in the bottom of the jars to hold your brushes in place. Voilà! If you need to know the best way to clean makeup brushes, we have an article on that!
  2. A DIY makeup holder can be simply created from an old small vintage frame that still has the glass intact… or try a cute vintage plate and cup to hold your foundations and eye creams. 
  3. A DIY eyeshadow and power makeup palette organiser can be made from an office folder sorter and the great news is that you can paint it whatever colour you want.
  4. For a DIY makeup storage that is easy to use, try a DIY makeup organiser shoe box
  5. and cover with foil or cute wrapping paper. Or how about creating a DIY makeup organiser made out of wood for a vintage feel? Or a DIY wall makeup organiser made from a back of the door shoe holder? Simply be creative, decide on a theme, or colour scheme and there will be no stopping you. 
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Go full out!

For a full-scale DIY makeup storage, create a singular tidy location to store and have all of your makeup and other items readily available. Consider using a small rolling cart made of plastic or even metal that may have originally been built for office supplies. You can find one from a second-hand store. Or try repurposing a small desk as a DIY makeup vanity organiser. Have fun – that is the point of creating your ideal magic beauty space for your makeup, hair supplies, and all things nails!

We hope you enjoyed our tips on DIY makeup storage. Don’t forget to check out our other DIY and cleaning tips such as how to sew a pillowcase, stuffed animal storage ideas and how to clean a washing machine.