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How to tie a bow tie


how to tie bow tie

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Bow ties, just like ties, can be a bit tricky to master, but there are ways of tying a bow tie easily. Bow ties are a great way to uplift a normal outfit, or to add an essential accessory to a formal outfit. Let’s take a look at how to tie a bow tie, and when you’d need to.

What occasions require a bow tie?

Bow ties are usually associated with formal occasions. If you’ve ever seen men suited up for the Oscar awards, they’re usually wearing a bow tie in black or white. That’s how the dress codes “black tie” and “white tie” get their name. For these formal occasions, knowing how to self-tie a bow tie is worth the effort, because they look that little bit classier than pre-tied bows. You can adjust more with the shape, too, as well as how rigidly the tie is tied. 

However, some people love the appearance of a bow tie so much that they like wearing one in daily life, too. Bow ties can also come in patterns and fabrics different to the bow ties for formal occasions, which can add a splash of personality to a style. Whether you’re looking to add a trendy accessory to your daily style or wanting to know how to tie a bow tie for a formal occasion, you’re in the right place to learn.

How to tie a bow tie – step by step

Let’s jump right in! Here’s how to tie a bow tie easily, step by step.

  1. Grab the bow tie that you want to use. Pull up your collar so that the bow tie can lie flat around your neck and shoulders, face up.
  2. The bow tie should sit unevenly, so that the right side of the bow tie is shorter than the left side. 
  3. Move the left end of the bow tie across to the right side, over the right side of the bow tie.
  4. Bring the left end under the right end, and then up through the neck loop. This is the first part of your bow tie knot.
  5. At the knot, fold the right side over itself so it creates a bow shape.
  6. Bright the left side over the middle of the bow shape and fold it back towards yourself.
  7. Pinch the fold.
  8. Push that pinched end through the loop that’s been created behind the right side of the bow tie.
  9. Pull on the ends of the fold so they resemble a bow more.
  10. Adjust and refine the sides of the bow so they look like the shape you want.

That’s it! It might sound more complicated than it is when reading, but if you have the tie in place, it should be easier to visualise. We hope this has helped you figure out how to tie your bow tie – for more tips such as how to set a table, how to dry clothes and shoe storage ideas check out our organising and cleaning sections on our website!