Laundry symbols explained!

Wash Label Scanner

A jumble of ancient hieroglyphs? A secret coded message? We understand some of the washing symbols are difficult to understand, that is why we built a scanner to help you out! Every item of clothing has up to five symbols on the washing label, letting you know how to care for it and maximize the life of your clothing. Clever, right?

To make understanding what laundry symbols mean quick and easy, We have designed a simple to use Laundry Symbol Scanner. All you need is a smartphone. Never ruin your clothes again!

Waschsymbole auf einen Blick: Was sie bedeuten
Waschsymbole auf einen Blick: Was sie bedeuten

How does the Laundry Symbol Scanner work?


  1. Either take a photo of your care label, upload a picture from your phone's gallery, or select laundry symbols from the care label overview page. 
  2. The Laundry Symbol Scanner will then instantly tell you what each symbol means. It's free and you don't need to download an app. 
  3. Not on a mobile phone? Click here to learn how to decode laundry symbols.