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How much washing powder to use?


Washing detergent being measured out into cap above washing machine detergent tray

The correct dosage of your washing powder is very important when washing because too much washing powder will unnecessarily pollute the environment, but too little won’t remove difficult stains and can turn your whites grey over time. Here’s how much washing powder should you use per load.

Washing powder dosage to use per load

Unfortunately, the basic rule is not that more washing powder also makes for cleaner clothes. On the contrary, if you overdo it and add too much to the laundry, residues of your washing powder can remain on your clothes – super annoying. Using too little detergent can also lead to problems down the line. Your clothes won’t get properly clean, may smell musty, and in the worst case can even become dirty again due to limescale stains. That’s why knowing how much washing powder to use is important – luckily, we’ve got the guide for you!

How much washing powder should I use?

The right washing powder dosage depends on three factors:

  • Amount of laundry

    More laundry naturally requires more detergent. However, if you do not fill the washing drum completely, it is important to dose the detergent accordingly.

  • How dirty the clothes are

    The dirtier the laundry, the more washing powder is needed. So if you're coming back from an extended mountain bike ride through the mud, you'll also need to up the washing powder dosage to get your jeans clean again.

  • Hard water?

    The third factor is a little trickier - the hardness of the water you wash with also plays a role. Hard water requires more washing powder than soft water. You can find out the water hardness directly from your water supplier. 

  • A measuring cup helps

    The amount of washing powder required is calculated on the basis of these three factors. You will find the information on the packaging of the washing powder. You can then dose it correctly using the table on the packaging, which will show you exactly how much you need. 

The easiest way to tell how much washing powder to use is to use a measuring cup. This is already included in some washing powder packaging, or you can order one from company websites, too. 

Note! High quality washing powder makes all the difference. If the quality of the detergent is high, you won’t need to use as much washing powder.

Washing powder dosage without a cup

But what if you don't have a measuring cup to hand and don’t want to wait for one to arrive in the mail? Going freehand without a dosing aid is a bit risky and could result in you having to repeat your load. Instead, an ordinary tablespoon can help. It's not as accurate as a measuring cup, but it's more accurate than just guessing!

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How much liquid detergent should I use?

If you’re using liquid detergent, using a tablespoon might make a right mess! The right liquid detergent dosage also depends on the three factors mentioned above, and you’ll find the correct dosage on the packaging. In most cases you can use the lid of the liquid detergent bottle to dose your detergent.

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