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How to Iron a Shirt Without an Iron


A row of brightly colored shirts hanging on wooden hangers.

Wearing a freshly ironed shirt doesn’t only feel great but looks great too, but what happens when you haven’t got an iron at hand and your favorite shirt is all creased and wrinkled from being squished in your closet? Believe it or not, there are a few ways of ironing a shirt without an iron or an ironing board. Find out how! 

Ironing clothes without an iron

Who needs an iron when you can try out one of these tips:

  • You might have heard about this one already, and it really can work. Place your shirt on a hanger and go hang it in the bathroom as close to the shower as possible. Then turn on the hot water and while the steam and moisture work on your creased shirt, you can multitask and take a shower at the same time. It takes around 15 minutes for this method to work.
  • For this next tip, go grab a hairdryer. The first step is to dampen the shirt. You can do this with a spray bottle or a damp cloth that you can run over the shirt. Then switch on the hairdryer and dry your garment, making sure to keep it around 2 inches from the shirt.
  • Online sources also suggest placing and then press your clothes under the mattress overnight. This is said to work especially well for t-shirts, pants, and sweatshirts.

How to iron clothes without an ironing board

Now we’ve looked at a few ways of ironing a shirt without an iron. Here are some substitute surfaces that can work just as well when you’re in a pinch and haven’t got an ironing board to hand:

  • A table is a great alternative to using an ironing board. Do make sure that the table can withstand heat. Cover the surface in a thick layer of towels and then place your shirt on top and start ironing.
  • You can also iron your shirt on a bed/mattress, and you already have a cushioned surface to do so. Make sure that the covers are on tight to prevent ironing wrinkles into your shirt and that the mattress/covers can withstand the heat of the iron.
  • A tiled floor is also a good alternative, place some towels in between your shirt and the floor to absorb some of the moisture and heat. Be wary of laminate, wood, or linoleum floors, a hot iron could leave burn marks on them. 

For extra ease when ironing out those creases try using a specialist spray such as Dylon Starch Spray.

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How to prevent ironing a shirt without an iron

Prevention is better than cure, so there are a few simple ways you can prevent your shirts from wrinkling in the first place.

  1. Hang your shirt up straight out of the washing machine. If you air dry it this way, most wrinkles will simple drop-out.
  2. Use dryer sheets that are especially formulated to reduce wrinkles.
  3. Don’t leave the shirt in the dryer or washing machine. As soon as the cycle is done, remove it from the machine.
  4. When traveling, ensure that you roll your dress shirt before placing it in your luggage. This will help reduce the number of creases and wrinkles as opposed to folding the shirt.

We hope our hints and tips on how to iron a shirt without an iron have helped you out! For more sound advice, read through our other articles such as how to dry clothes effectively, how to iron clothes with ease, and how to create soft towels. You can also come join the Ask Team Clean community today for great offers and exclusive deals on various Henkel brands you love! 

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