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How to wash a wool jumper


Wicker basket full of wool jumpers

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Wool jumpers are one of our favourite items of clothing for colder days. They give so much more warmth than synthetic fabrics and are healthier for our skin. To keep them soft and fluffy, you need to take proper care of them. Learn how to wash a wool jumper so that it doesn’t shrink.

What should you know about wool jumpers?

Wool is a fibre provided mainly by sheep. It varies in length and thickness, among other things, and its fibres absorb a lot of moisture. It’s interesting to know that wool doesn’t crease like other fibres and doesn’t easily take on odours. In many cases, simply airing out the wool should be enough, but if you want to wash it, remember to take extra care.

When and how to wash a wool jumper?

The most important rule is that you should only wash wool jumpers when it’s absolutely necessary. To enjoy the freshness of a wool sweater longer without washing it, remember to always wear a T-shirt underneath. This way you won’t dirty it with antiperspirants. Try to use your perfume wisely, too.

But what if you get to the point that there’s no other choice and your wool jumper definitely qualifies for washing? If it just needs to be refreshed, hand washing is enough. Trust us – even if your washing machine has a “wool” program, the washing process itself will take much more time than simple hand washing. Remember not to use hot water if you don’t want your favourite jumper to shrink by a few sizes.

The technique of washing a wool jumper is also worth mentioning. First, turn it inside out. Put on rubber gloves and remove any jewellery to avoid snagging the delicate fibres. Washing wool jumpers should consist of gently kneading them, no rubbing! Remember that the water used for rinsing should be at a temperature close to that of the water used for washing – the thermal shock may cause the fibres to shrink.

Can you wash a wool sweater in a washing machine?

If you decide to wash your favourite wool jumper in the washing machine, remember that the washing temperature shouldn’t exceed 30°C. Also, don’t set the spin cycle, as this may cause the jumper to stretch. Some washing machines have a special program for delicate fabrics or wool. They use a low temperature and don’t change the temperature of the water.

To protect your wool jumper from shrinkage or damage, it’s a good idea to place it in a laundry bag (you can use a white cotton pillowcase). This way, the fibres will not come into direct contact with the drum of the washing machine. Fill the drum of the washing machine 1/4 or 1/3 full – the jumper will increase in volume during the washing process. 

Washing a wool jumper requires special care. However, by following certain rules, you can enjoy the clothes made of this delicate fabric for a long time. For more in-depth information on how to wash certain items, you can read through our articles on how to wash jeans, how to wash silk, and how to remove sweat stains from clothes.