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Tips for ironing curtains


Gray patterned curtains draped over a colorful ironing board.

Just got some pretty new curtains out of the packet, but they’re all creased after being folded for so long? Or maybe you just washed your curtains and they’re full of wrinkles? Don’t worry, we know how to get those curtains smooth and sleek in no time!

How to iron curtains

Before you start dragging the iron back and forth over the curtains, first make sure you know what setting to use. This depends on what material the curtains are made of so check the label first. Ironing blackout curtains is usually totally fine as is ironing polyester curtains, although they aren’t known to crease as much as cotton or linen, for example. If you’ve got the green light to start ironing your curtains, then following these steps:

  • Step 1: Lay your curtain over the ironing board. It’s often a good idea to start at the top and work your way down.
  • Step 2: Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water. Dampening your curtains will help facilitate the iron’s work.
  • Step 3: Iron back and forth over the width of the curtain until you’re satisfied that the wrinkles have been smoothed over. Once you’ve done a section, adjust the curtain so that the finished part is hanging over the ironing board, and then continue with the next section.
  • Step 4: So that you don’t end up undoing all your hard work by letting the ironed part bunch up on the floor, it’s a good idea to hang the curtain back up on the rod after 2/3 is complete and then iron the bottom of the curtain while it’s hanging.
  • Step 5: If you noticed you missed a crease or two, simply squirt some water onto the area and smooth it out with your hand and leave to dry.
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Steam ironing curtains

This is the best method for velvet because you really shouldn’t be ironing velvet curtains with a regular iron. Direct heat should never be applied to velvet as it may damage the natural texture and beauty of the fabric. Simply hang your curtain on a hanger and set the steamer to the lowest heat. Starting from the bottom, run the steamer over the curtain without touching it, towards the top. As you do this, pull the bottom of the curtain tight to straighten it out. Repeat these steps with the whole curtain and that’s how you steam iron a curtain.

If you have to use the steam method, but don’t have a steamer to hand, we have a little trick for you. You can steam your curtains in the bathroom! Hang your curtains up and close the door. Either take a shower or run a bath and when you’re done, make sure you shut the door again so the steam stays in the room and works its magic on the curtains. The steam produced should ensure that any creases or wrinkles simply fall out.

Ironing curtains while hanging

If you’ve ever wondered “can you iron curtains while hanging?” The answer is yes! Although we obviously don’t recommend you trying to reach the top of the curtains with an iron, this process can be done with a steamer and saves you the effort of having to remove your curtains and then hang them up again at the end.

Turn the steamer to the gentlest setting and hold it around 6 inches away from the curtains. Do gentle, vertical strokes to penetrate the fibers without drenching them. It’s best to work in small sections so you can be sure you don’t miss any areas.

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