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LEGO® storage made easy


Lego storage

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Is your home full of LEGO® sets with pieces all over the room or rooms? It’s so much fun for kids and adults alike, and the job of keeping the sets, pieces, and specialty parts organised can become just as important as the LEGO® toys themselves. We share tips on how to store LEGO® and also reveal some great ideas on the best way to organise LEGO®, so that everyone has fun.

Best way to sort a small LEGO® collection

As your collection grows from a small, unsorted collection to a large well-organised collection, you will want to organize the pieces into categories that make sense to you. While you are in the early stages of building your LEGO® collection, create your own categories based on parts that work well together for the types of models that you like to build.

At this point, the easiest and best way to sort LEGO® is by size and colour in plastic bins, or in an over-the-door shoe holder that has 8 – 10 pockets. Introducing LEGO® to younger children and showing them how to store LEGO® is a great way to prepare them in case their collection continues to grow. Staying organized and keeping the pieces clean and ready to use is just as important as building LEGO® houses and creating cool inventions themselves! Remember to keep it fun.

How to organise a medium LEGO® collection

Your family members are making progress with new LEGO® ideas, and more and more adventurous models are being built! It is now time to consider upgrading your system of organising, sorting and storing all the sets and pieces.

How to organise LEGO® sets is now taking on new importance as kids and adults find that LEGO® sets are a great way for families to play and learn together. Consider creating more advanced system for keeping your collection in order. One next step is to create larger bins and containers for the types of pieces such as bricks, plates, tiles, slopes, and technic.

How to organise a large LEGO® sets

The LEGO® experience may be taking over your house and it is time to graduate to an even more sophisticated way of organising, sorting and storing all the sets and pieces. Everyone in the family is enjoying it and is taking the LEGO® world very seriously? Time to make some upgrades in the organisational plan.

One idea is to purchase several 4-packs of black plastic hanging storage bins and the metal rail to hang them – the entire set up will be inexpensive and you can scale up to add more as the collection grows. The best way to organise LEGO® pieces needs to be decided depending on how everyone likes to play. Try sorting the top row by colour (red, blue, yellow/orange, green, grey, and black/brown) and the bottom row by use (1-piecers, 2-piecers, mini figures, wheels, mini base plates, etc.). Let all family members participate so they can take ownership on keeping the system in order.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to store LEGO® and organise it. Be sure to check out our other organising tips such as, home office ideas, shoe storage ideas and how to set a table.