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Speed Cleaning Your House


Woman stands looking at a messy room with cleaning products at her side.

So you’ve got guests coming over and you can’t wait to show off your home, but you haven’t had time to give the house the love that it needs. You’ve only got one hour before all of your friends are clambering inside your house and you haven’t cleaned a thing. Let’s learn some speed cleaning!

Organization and Speed Cleaning Methods

If you’re going to learn how to speed clean your house, the first thing that you’re going to have to do is stop and assess the situation. Speed cleaning isn’t a skill about moving as fast as possible: it’s about decluttering quickly and giving yourself realistic goals and utilizing the best methods to get the most out of your results. You’re not going to get a deep clean; you’re going to make your house look presentable.

In order to speed clean, you’re going to need a handful of tools that you can carry around with you. The first thing that you’ll need is either a laundry basket or box that you can put things in. After that, you’ll need an all-purpose cleaner and some towels to take around with you. Keep a broom and vacuum ready if you can get to the floors. Keeping a garbage bag at hand will help make cleaning faster.

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Putting Your Speed Cleaning Methods to Use

A key concept to what speed cleaning is, is making your living space presentable. You’re not going to be deep cleaning the carpets and you’re not going to be tidying up your gardening shed. The most important places to start your speed cleaning is where your guests will enter and where they will be spending the most amount of time.

Look at your entryway and remove all clutter from it: get all the shoes onto the shoe rack, straighten anything on any counters, and give all the surfaces a quick wipe down. Don’t forget to disinfect the door knobs too before all of your guests arrive. Brush away or vacuum anything you’ve tracked inside and you’ll be well on your way to speed cleaning.

After your entryway is cleaned, tackle the living space that you and your guests will be inhabiting. If that’s the living room, the first thing that you want to do is remove anything that might be in your way. Take that box or laundry basket that you’ve been holding onto and give a look at what you’ll be needing for the night. Collect all the items that you see throughout the room that you won’t be using and stuff them into the basket.

Once the ground and all of your surfaces have been cleared of any useless junk, it’s time to remove any trash. Throw everything that’s garbage into the trash bag. Wipe surfaces with the towel to remove any crumbs. Toss recycling into your basket and drop it off when it’s all collected. Then use the basket to collect misplaced things on the way back.

Now sweep and vacuum anything that might have fallen to the floor and wipe down tables with the all-purpose cleaner like Jeyes Multi-usage spray.

You’ll have time to reorganize that stuff later. Right now, you want to focus on being an entertaining host. And no one will be the wiser that you’ve speed cleaned your house into perfection. Find more cleaning tips at Ask Team Clean and why not join the community while you’re there?

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