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How to declutter a (small) home


decluttered space inside a small flat

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When you are short on space, getting the most out of every square foot is vital. This might seem easy on the surface because living in a tiny home means less space to accumulate clutter. But clutter can creep in, making a small space feel even smaller! Thankfully, the remedy is simple: declutter and organise. Here are tips on how to do just that!

Time to reclaim the lost space in your home!

Tips for decluttering your home

1. Step-by-step decluttering

Even in a small home, decluttering is a mammoth task. No matter which decluttering system you go for, they all agree: break it down into smaller tasks to make it easier. Go room by room, area by area, cupboard by cupboard — whatever takes your fancy! 

2. Chuck, donate, sell

The best way to declutter is by getting rid of things. When decluttering, have three boxes (or bin bags) nearby. Sort what you get rid of into the boxes: rubbish, donate, sell. Start easy by getting rid of items that are broken, expired, or never used. Think cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and kitchen items. Once you’ve got a feel for decluttering, move on to more emotional items: clothing, papers, and nostalgic objects.  

3. Multi-purpose living

Maximise small-space living by using furniture or objects with multiple functions that can change the primary purpose of a room quickly. Consider a ceiling-mounted projector and retractable screen in place of a traditional TV, a foldable table in the kitchen, a sofa bed in the lounge, or a smart universal remote control in place of multiple on your coffee table.  

4. Furniture with built-in storage

By investing in a few key furniture pieces with storage, you give yourself more space to tidy away belongings and keep them from feeling like clutter in your small space.  Furniture that leverages height and has doors and drawers will help to keep your space tidy.

5. Organise to minimise visual clutter

To maximise the amount of space in your apartment, reduce the visible clutter. Whatever you decide to keep when decluttering, consider using simple storage solutions like boxes and baskets to keep functional items out of sight but within reach. This works for anything from electronics to magazines, and from items in the wardrobe to the home office.

tiny house living

6. Organising solutions

Aside from boxes and baskets, there are item-specific storage solutions that can capitalise on your small living space: Hooks can be used for all sorts, from jackets to laundry bags to coffee mugs. A pan or plate shelf maximises kitchen storage and efficiency. Back-of-door storage creates storage without taking up extra space, and a sofa arm hanger is a space-saving alternative to a coffee table. 

7. Prevent future clutter

Avoid the clutter creeping back into your small living space by setting a cleaning or decluttering reminder on your phone. Nothing like a ‘donate clothes to charity’ calendar event to remind you it’s time to clear out your wardrobe

8. Re-think new purchases

We live in a fast-paced world where impulse purchases are the norm. But to help you maintain a clutter-free living space, try this when you’re next shopping: Take a picture of it and send it to friends or review it later. If you’re still thinking about it in a couple of days, permit yourself to purchase it. 

The main decluttering tips

Turn decluttering into an enjoyable cleaning task by breaking it down into small chunks. Be brave and get rid of things you don’t need or use any longer, and invest in some smart storage solutions. You’ll have a mess-free space that makes you proud in no time!


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