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Personalised Mother’s Day gift


mother and daughter

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Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate mothers of all kinds: Grandmothers, mothers, pet-moms, or even just the mother-figures in our lives. A great way of saying thanks is with a present, and we think a DIY gift is the perfect way to do that. Here are some ideas.

Why make a homemade Mother’s Day gift?

In the age of e-commerce, it’s never been easier to get presents delivered to our doorstep – or the doorstep of others. Even if you can’t make it to see your mom for Mother’s day, you could still order something for her, right? This is true – but if you can make it yourself, something handmade might just mean that little bit more. And even if you are able to celebrate together, a handmade present is more of an expression of who you are – or if you’re helping little ones make their mom a present, a great keepsake of their younger years. Alongside a DIY Mother’s Day card, a DIY gift is a personalised way of showing you care.

We’ve collected some Mother’s Day gift DIYs for you and your family to make your grandmothers, moms, or pet-moms to help say thank you and signify your appreciation for the mothers in your life. As always, kids will need supervision during these creative activities!

Some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

We’ve got loads of ideas for you to create your own gift for Mother’s Day – to help organize our ideas, we’ve broken them into different categories. Take a look!


Baking is fun for all ages, and sweet treats are sure to put a smile on Mum’s (and kids’) face!

  • Cupcake bouquet: Instead of buying flowers, decorate cupcakes and stick them on sandwich picks to create a pretty, delicious bouquet.
  • Homemade spiced oil: Infuse some olive oil with chili, peppercorns, and bay leaves (or whatever else you want to infuse it with!) and gift it as a way of spicing up homemade meals. Cooking for Mum and using the oil is the perfect way to break it in!
  • Breakfast in bed: Whether Mum is normally the one to get out of bed first or not, let her have a good lie-in and sneak into the kitchen early to prepare a nice breakfast to bring upstairs. If she’s not a fan of eating in bed, you can also offer it on the couch – just anywhere that’s comfy!

Household Gifts

Show your appreciation for everything that Mum does for the family by creating something for the family home.

  • Succulent bowl: If there are lots of little succulent plants dotted around the house without a real place to live, you can repot them into one bowl to create a terrarium-like look. 
  • What I Love About You book: This one doesn’t need many materials – just a pen, paper, and some thread. Note down lots of things you love about your mom and then tie each piece of paper together to form a flip book. Colourful pens and some drawings can add a splash of colour, or washi-tape can help make it look super trendy. This is a super customised and unique Mother’s Day gift.


Quality family time is always welcome – whether that’s some Mother’s Day crafting or relaxing together. By setting everything up in advance, you can be sure Mum just has to sit back and relax.

  • Movie night with snacks: Pick out one of Mum’s favourite movies (or at least one that the kids can watch, and she hasn’t seen a thousand times with them!), and prep lots of snacks. You could create a tent fort in front of the TV for a romantic evening – or if the kids are crashing the movie-night, it’s a fun way to snuggle up as a family. Fairy lights and popcorn never seemed so special!
  • Cocktails in the garden: If the weather is playing along, you could have some cocktails in the garden. Offering non-alcoholic cocktails in a fun way to get the kids involved. 
  • Luxury bath time: Draw up a bath at the end of Mother’s Day, with candles lit, some soothing music playing, fresh towels on the side and lots of bath oils or salts. 

That’s it! Your effort into making a personalised Mother’s Day gift won’t go unnoticed and we hope this has helped you get some homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas – if you want more DIY tips, get yourself over to the DIY section on our website where you can find other articles on how to DIY Christmas decoration, shoe storage ideas and home office ideas.