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How often do you need to wash bed sheets?


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Generally, bedding doesn’t get dirty as quickly as underwear or the clothes we wear every day. However, it still needs to be washed frequently for hygiene reasons. How often should you wash bed sheets and why? We’ll try to answer these and other questions in this article.

It turns out that most people wash their bed sheets too infrequently. On average, we spend a third of our day in bed. And although we usually go to bed after bathing, a lot of dirt accumulates on the pillowcases and sheets, which can even become dangerous to our health.

Why should you wash your bedding often?

Washing your bed sheets is a must since it’s a source of fungi, bacteria, pollen, and animal dander. Washing and changing your bedding regularly gets rid of sweat, hair, and dead skin residue. All of these things are left behind in bed. Bedding that hasn’t been changed for a while provides an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria that are really dangerous to your health.

How often should bedding be washed?

There’s no definite answer to this question. Microbiologists recommend that bed sheets should be washed at least every week at 60°C. If you really want to ensure that you achieve a hygienic clean you could also add a Dylon Colour Catcher + Hygienic Cleanliness pad into the washing drum alongside your next load of bed covers for a deeper clean. Sleeping in dirty bedding for too long may result in skin diseases, allergies, or even asthma.

Changing bed sheets weekly sounds like a nuisance, but it’s absolutely necessary! Regularly washing bed sheets will positively affect your health and well-being, as well as your beauty. 

The situation is a bit different if you share your bed with a pet. In that case, the bed sheets should be washed much more often even if you think they look clean.

You should also remember to wash your bedding more than once a week when you or other household members are sick, during hot weather, or in case of any allergies or skin conditions.

Skin problems? How often do you wash bed sheets?

Not everyone is aware, but rarely washed pillowcases can cause pimples and acne on our bodies. If you have any skin problems, whether oily, dry, or sensitive skin, make sure to change your bedding often. You might notice an improvement in your skin.

Not changing bed sheets for a long time can also make your hair greasy. It doesn’t really matter if you wash your hair regularly because it’s still strewn over a dirty pillowcase the whole night. Keep this in mind and remember to wash your bedding regularly!

When to wash your bed sheets and regularly washing pillowcases will positively affect your health and well-being. Besides, sleeping in clean bedding is simply more pleasant so why would you say “no” to this luxury? Head to our other article’s such as how often should you wash towels, how much washing powder to use, and how to get soft towels for even more advice.  

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