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The fastest way to declutter the kitchen


person decluttering the kitchen by sorting the cupboards

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it is especially important to keep it clean and tidy… for your sanity if nothing else! Decluttering your kitchen and getting rid of excess stuff makes cooking more enjoyable and the kitchen more efficient. Aah, bliss. 

Channel your inner Mary Poppins and turn the task of decluttering your kitchen into a game by setting a timer. See how much clutter you can cut within a time limit of say, 30 minutes. You’ll be surprised how nice decluttering even a couple of key draws and cupboards feels! Rewarding yourself with a glass of wine at the end is optional, but recommended.  

How to start decluttering the kitchen

Getting started is the hardest part! But once you get going, you’ll find your decluttering groove in no time. To get started, you’ll need a couple of boxes or bin bags to sort what you will get rid of. Have a box for what you will throw away, one for items you can donate, and a box for items you can sell. Then, put on a playlist or a good podcast and set to work decluttering! Work quickly and methodically using the decluttering checklist below. 

Kitchen decluttering checklist

  • Cleaning supplies at the ready: microfibre cloths, all-purpose kitchen cleaner such as Jeyes multi-purpose spray. A degreaser and scrubbing sponge are handy for tough-to-clean areas. 
  • Clean one area/drawer/cupboard at a time. Remove everything and wipe down the inside and outside using an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Once you’ve decided what items to keep, separate the items you are getting rid of into the boxes: chuck, donate, sell. 
  • Reorganise cabinets, drawers, and counters.
  • Return the removed items to newer, organised homes!
cleaned, tidied and decluttered kitchen

Tips for decluttering the kitchen

  1. When sorting through your items, especially appliances and cookware, don’t overthink their use. Simply ask yourself: have I used this more than once this month?
  2. Move less-used appliances and cookware to the back or into high cupboards. Put your most-used items in the most accessible places.  
  3. If you have holiday-themed or special occasion essentials, store them away with the rest of the decorations or in a cabinet. There’s no need to have the Christmas plates and chocolate fondue set taking up precious kitchen cupboard space year-round!
  4. When it comes to organising the kitchen, functionality comes first. Avoid putting functionless decoration in the space you cook to reduce the clutter.
  5. Make sure you have one working item of each kitchen essential (and no more). 
  6. Decluttering is the ideal time to clean your cupboards and drawers.  
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10 items you can declutter from your kitchen right now

What counts as clutter is a personal choice, but these items are a good starting point for your decluttering journey in the kitchen!

  1. The junk drawer. We all have one and there are definitely items in there you don’t need!
  2. Tupperware and food storage. Missing lids, tomato-stained plastic… throw away food storage containers that are no longer hygienic or complete. 
  3. Spices. Chances are there are some (very old) spices and dried herbs you don’t use. Time to say toodle-oo. 
  4. Cooking utensils. Do you need three whisks and four vegetable peelers? Probably not. 
  5. Kitchen gadgets. They can be handy, but only if you use them regularly! 
  6. Countertop clutter. Nothing makes a kitchen feel messier than countertop cutter. Clear it and the kitchen will feel instantly cleaner. 
  7. Tea towels. Sort through your dish towels and discard the damaged and disliked ones.  
  8. Cookbooks. Everyone has cookbooks they rarely use taking up space and gathering dust. Now is your chance to clean up your cookbook collection. 
  9. Glasses and mugs. Take stock of how many you really need. Recycle chipped or cracked glasses, let any mismatched or extras go. 
  10. Cleaning supplies. Over the years, the collection of bottles and cleaners under the sink can get out of hand. Combine multiple open bottles of the same product. Put nearly empty bottles at the front so you use them up first. 

There you have it! A decluttered kitchen in thirty minutes. Using these handy tips and cleaning checklist you’ll be surprised at the difference you can make to your kitchen. 


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