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The best hat storage ideas


A pile of folded trousers, a pair of suede mens shoes and a hat laid out across a wooden bench.

Hats are a great way to keep the sun off your face and keep your hair in place—as well as sometimes adding to your sense of fashion. And hats can be difficult to store properly to keep them in good shape. Since all hats have different shapes and sizes, organising and storing hats does require a few special solutions. Here are some tips you might enjoy on the best way to store hats: your gardening hats, baseball caps, fedoras, rain hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed straw sun hats or maybe even the beanie hat you knitted yourself…. you name it!

1. Hat boxes and vintage suitcases

How chic would this be to store your beloved hats carefully in old fashioned hat boxes and/or vintage suitcases. This would dress up your bedroom or front entryway and you can decorate around this fashion statement with ease, as you can change it around at any time. Voilà!

2. Make it look like an art collection

Another way to store hats is to hang your wonderful and stylish hat collection on the wall as an art collection. You can easily hang various pegs to show off your lovely hats and be able to take them down easily when you go out. One fun idea is to display them in a pattern over your bed!

3. A hat clothesline display

A hat clothesline made of rope, string, metal, or wire – you name it! Your hat clothesline can be created to be on display in any room and you have the ease of being able to change the hats at any time. Have a bag of pegs at the ready.

4. The hat drawer

A dresser drawer is a great way to store hats, especially a collection of baseball caps, as they tuck right in together in the ample drawer. You can even colour code them or sort by team.

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5. A hanging hat rack

Grab a piece of wooden doweling from a hardware store and create a special hanging rack for your hats on a series of S-brackets. Or use a copper pipe and run a piece of rope through it. Improvise as needed to embellish your lovely rack.

6. Stacking hats on a mannequin

Having a fun antique mannequin around to dress up allows you to stack several hats together to show off and access easily!

7. Hat storage in a closet

Depending on the size of your closet, you can store them easily on high shelf or add low shelving for hats only! This would be the time for a few simple and inexpensive hat boxes. Or add an old used dresser to the closet that has deep drawers if you have the room.

8. A hat shelf

One of the best ways to store hats is to put up a few floating shelves in the hall, bedroom or even the living area to show off your lovely collection of hats. Make sure the shelf is deep enough for the brims of the hats. Remember to lightly dust them to keep them clean.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to store hats. Be sure to check out our other organising and cleaning tips such as how to store scarves, stuffed animal storage ideas and how to clean windows to name just a few.