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How to store scarves


Blue, pink, green and yellow scarves rolled up and stored in a 4 compartment drawer.

We love our scarves! Winter scarves, silk scarves, scarves for every occasion, event, and outfit! And we want a neat and organised way to keep them in good shape and ready to use on a moment’s notice. Here are seven useful tips on how to organise scarves that will soothe your soul. Get creative!

1. How to store scarves in your wardrobe: Buy a scarf hanger

Scarf hangers come in many shapes and sizes. Most are relatively inexpensive. You may also find that it may be easier to purchase a tie hanger or belt hanger – depending on how you wish to display your beautiful scarves. Hang on the front of a bedroom door for more colour!

2. Use a wardrobe area that has open shelving

Wardrobes also come in all shapes and sizes – so get creative and use whatever is built-in or create your own cubby system with a small shelf and shoe boxes. Or get wild with other scarf organiser ideas!

3. Use a regular sturdy wooden hanger

Grab a few heavy-duty wooden coat hangers and organise your scarves by colour coding each hanger. Simply let them drape over the hanger. 

4. Store them in a drawer by type or colour

You can have some fun with an antique or fun coloured dresser. Assign a few of the drawers as The Scarf Drawers. Build little cubbies to separate them, rolled up, and standing up so you can see each and every scarf. The majority of stock drawer dividers are adjustable to the width and depth of the drawer but are about five inches high. This height is perfect for storing silk scarves and thinner wool or knit scarves. For the most efficient storage, fold the scarf lengthwise so that it is five inches or less in width. Then, to avoid wrinkles, roll the scarf into a loose spiral. 

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5. Get some cute matching wicker storage baskets

Baskets are always fun, and they are so easy to move around. Find a set of three to four matching ones and create a special place in your closet, in the hall, or even in the living room so you have them ready to wear when you go out.

6. Use a vintage coat rack with hooks or pegs

Have fun at a few thrift stores to find an old timey rack with pegs. This is something you can clean up, paint, and create a wonderful display with this rack nailed to the wall in a conspicuous location. This is a great scarf organiser idea.

7. Store them in a suitcase or hat box

If you would like to get your seasonal winter scarves, put away for the summer, consider using the empty space of one or two suitcases that can double as winter scarves, gloves, and hat storage.

We hope you found our tips on how to store scarves useful. Be sure to check out our other organising tips such as how to fold a t-shirt, how to tie a bow tie and how to set a table.