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  • Hand holding cleaning aparatus and cleaning sofa
    How to clean sofa fabric
  • Gentleman wearing marigold gloves and looking into the fridge with a cleaning spray in their hand
    Fridge cleaning tips
  • Women wearing a pair of clean white converse trainers
    How to clean white shoes
  • Toaster resting on shelf in the kitchen pantry
    How to clean a toaster
  • Teddy bear hanging to dry on the washing line outdoors
    How to clean a stuffed animal
  • Person using a disinfectant spray and wipe to clean their iphone screen.
    How to disinfect your phone
  • Man wearing glasses and cleaning computer keyboard at an office desk
    Office cleaning made easy
  • Woman stands looking at a messy room with cleaning products at her side.
    Speed Cleaning Your House
  • A brush with a long handle brushing a heap of fall leaves away from patio pavers.
    Cleaning Patio Pavers
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A clean home means a clear mind

Nothing better than coming in from work and being able to relax in a clean home. Ask Team Clean will show you how you can clean your home, without having to worry about cleaning all the time. Sounds contradictory? It’s not. With the right focus and techniques you will spend less time cleaning and have more time and energy for family and friends.